Channel 4 – undercover reporting to reveal the truth

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Channel 4 – After the rout, fears for Sri Lanka’s Tamils

Channel 4 – The Price of Sri Lanka’s Victory

Sinhalese Sri Lankans are so relieved their war is over that most appear blinded by patriotism, drunk on victory and deaf to the clamour from outside their island for investigations into possible war crimes.

The country’s pliant media speak with one voice, exhorting their loyal compatriots to celebrate this great triumph over terror.

But the only terror I saw there was in the eyes of vanquished Tamils. Those I met were terrified in case they were caught talking to us, constantly looking over their shoulders. A Tamil journalist pulled out of a meeting claiming he’d be killed were he caught.

And there was fear in the eyes of the handful of ethnic Sinhalese “traitorous” enough to question what they describe as an orgy of militant Sinhalese chauvinism. “Traitors” are what dissenters are branded in President Mahinda Rajapakse’s triumphalist brave new world, in which the press are compliant and the Buddhist monkhood complicit.

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Channel 4 – Fresh claims over Tamil casualties

A doctor working with injured and displaced Tamils in northern Sri Lanka tells Channel 4 News that there may be as many as 20,000 amputees among those who fled last month’s routing of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

Eyewitnesses interviewed during a week-long undercover investigation for Channel 4 News, told of thousands of civilian deaths as government forces advanced on the Tigers’ final stronghold.

The deaths, they said, were the result of government shelling.

The Sri Lankan president and senior government ministers have repeatedly denied causing a single civilian death in what the government had desginated a “no-fire zone.”

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Response from the Sri Lanka government as on the Channel 4 website

List of 800 civilians injured due to Sri Lankan Army attack in Vanni Safety Zones – Source: Illankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi ( TNA )

February 23, 2009 § 1 Comment

We have received a list of civilians who have been transferred from Puthukudiyiruppu Hospital to the south. They may be in Vavuniya, Trincomalee or Mannar.

At this stage, we are unable to find out any more information and how you may locate where each one of these people are. However, we are working on it.

For a start you can contact Red Cross in Sri Lanka or the Sri Lankan HC in Canberra for help.

ICRC in Colombo :

Aleksandra Matijevic, ICRC Colombo , tel : + 94 11 250 33 46 or + 94 777 289 682

Sarasi Wijeratne, ICRC Colombo, tel : + 94 11 250 33 46 or + 94 773 158 844

SL HC in Canberra +61 2 6239 7041

As soon as we know how to attach lists to this blog we will do so.

Meanwhile, if you want a copy of this please post a comment with your email address.

Eye witness account posted as a comment

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Eye witness account from Vavuniya – No one allowed to enter Refugee Camps

My trip to Vavuniya by Siva Kumaran

Though I have been following the news about the war in Vanni, and the damages made to human lives and properties, I never thought it would be so bad until I went in person. I got a call from one of our parish members from one of the interim camps saying our foster son Rev. Daniel was killed in the war. The first time I experienced the steps in grief, which I had lectured several times to my students. “No, No, it can’t be” I cried. I straight away went to the Anglican Bishop’s office. I couldn’t control my tears when I saw Rev. Nesakumar. They told me that he was safe and is in one of those camps.

The next day I booked the seat and took the train to Vavuniya. I started early morning and reached Vavuniya in the afternoon. My foster daughter was waiting for me at the station. We straight away went to the camp. Nobody was allowed to get into the camp.

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