Another eyewitness account to the horrors of the last days

September 30, 2009 § 1 Comment

Source: Articles published in a Tamil bi-weekly Nakkheeran (17/8/09, 20/8/09 and 24/8/09) by Father Jagat Casper from excerpts of a letter sent to him by Sivaruben

The genocide of Ceylon Tamils, was facilitated by India providing military assistance (including the Indira Radar and satellite intelligence), China contributing rockets and chemical weapons, Russia supplying tanks, cannon and armoured vehicles as well as on-field consultations and Pakistan providing missiles and weaponry worth several millions of Rupees. With the military force of all these countries against us, how could the armed Tamils forces alone resist this assault?

This is how the final assault of 17 May 2009 took place in front of our own eyes. We weren’t sure if we could believe what we were seeing was real. Missiles were falling amongst us coming from all directions.  Chemical weapons were also being fired at us from unknown locations. There was also continuous gun fire. I got out of the bunker cautiously, when there was a little pause in the shelling. The devastation and destruction of Mullivaaikkal unfolded in front of my own eyes.

My kith and kin whom I saw before I ran and hid under the bunker were later discovered to be in pieces in a wilderness of corpses. I could not distinguish between those who were young and old. Body parts covered the entire area. A mother was in tears, screaming out aloud holding on to a headless body that appeared to be her child. “My lord, why does it have to be us! I’m unable to see my son’s face! Demon Rajapakse why don’t you come and take me as well!” she screamed.  Following this, a bullet, which was fired, struck her head spraying its contents, making a mess of it. She fell to the ground, kissing the Mother Eelam.

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