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ABCradioAustralia (2)

Former Tamil fighters ‘seeking aslyum in Australia’

Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to Australia has alleged that large numbers of Sri Lankans seeking asylum in Australia are former members of the Tamil Tiger rebel movement. His claim comes as Australia launches a regional campaign aimed at curbing the rising numbers of people attempting to enter Australia by boat in search of residency.

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The Australian  РAsylum deportee held in Sri Lanka

SRI Lankan boatperson who was among the first batch of failed asylum-seekers to be forcibly deported by the Rudd government has been arrested by Sri Lankan authorities.

Australian Immigration Department officials confirmed yesterday that two brothers deported from Perth on Sunday were detained by Sri Lankan police when they arrived at Colombo.

A spokesman for the department, Sandi Logan, said one was charged with people-smuggling.

However, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre campaign co-ordinator Pamela Curr said both men had been detained, charged and sent to Negombo prison. One of them claimed to have been beaten by police.
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Australia's failure to pressure SL

September 30, 2009 Comments Off on Australia's failure to pressure SL

Radio Australia

ABC Asia Pacific : Australia urged to pressure Sri Lanka on displaced Tamils

“The Australian government by being muted is playing the Sri Lankan government’s game.” – Hon. John Dowd AO QC

Updated Tue Sep 29, 2009 7:56pm AEST

Four months on from the crushing defeat of Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger rebels, and nearly 300,000 people displaced in the last bitter months of the civil war are still detained in refugee camps. At the weekend, even as Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka told the UN he’s making resettling the refugees a priority, government troops fired on a group of civilians trying to escape one of the camps, wounding two people.

John Dowd QC is president of the International Commission of Jurists in Australia, and also heads ActionAid Australia. He has accused the Australian government of “enormous conceit” in its failure to pressure Sri Lanka into getting the civilians home.

Presenter: Michael Cavanagh
Speaker: John Dowd QC, president, International Commission of Jurists Australia

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