Inner City Press Reports

Chronological order (latest at the bottom)

UN Dodges Questions of Sri Lanka Pull-Out and Kosovo Cover-Up, UNDP Fees

UN Dodges on Sri Lanka and Congo, Burma, Kosovo and Afghanistan

On Sri Lanka, UN Won’t Confirm its Own Reports or Call for Ceasefire

At UN on Sri Lanka, Russia Blocked Mexican Request for Briefing, Ban’s Contradiction

In UN Council, Japan Works on Sri Lanka Issue, “Ongoing Engagement of UN”

UN’s Ban Prepares for a “No” from Obama, Dialogue Except in Sri Lanka

UN’s Ban Defends Lack of Sri Lanka Ceasefire Call, Misunderstands His Powers

UN Mistakes Sri Lanka for Zimbabwe, Access to Vanni Doubtful, UNICEF No Comment Yet

On Sri Lanka, Still No UN Cease Fire Call, UNICEF is Blocked, Japan Presence Wasted

At UN, Russia Maintains Sri Lanka Issues Not in Council, UK Disagrees But Does Not Act

In Sri Lanka, UN Has Casualty Estimate But Won’t Release, No Cease Fire Call

In Sri Lanka, Civilians Deaths Counted at 1898 by Locals, UN Refuse to Estimate

In UN Council, “No Strong Request” Anymore for Sri Lanka Meeting, Japan’s Mediation Results

With UN’s Holmes in Sri Lanka, Government Supported, Staff Scared, Deaths Uncommented On

On Sri Lanka, UK’s for UN Council Session Upon Holmes’ Return, “Shocking,” Robinson Calls It

“…a senior UN official, speaking to Inner City Press on condition of anonymity, said the question is what level of civilian death is acceptable. One thousand was deemed too much in Gaza, but 2000 for now seems deemed okay in Sri Lanka.“

As Sri Lankan Army Toured UN’s Holmes, Questions Left Unanswered

On Sri Lanka, as UN’s Ban Calls for “Suspension of Fighting,” No Council Meeting Yet

As Sri Lanka Ignores UN’s Call for Cessation of Hostilities, Detention Camps UN commented On

On Sri Lanka, Requests for UN Council Session Languish, Camp Questions Go Unanswered

At UN, Sri Lanka Briefing Now Set for Friday, As Editor Arrested in Colombo

At UN, Council Belatedly Gets Sri Lanka Briefing, “No Politics,” Holmes Was Told

On Sri Lanka, UN Meeting Called One-Off, UK Makes No Proposals, Holmes Differs from Ban

In UN Council, March Agenda Omits Sri Lanka, UK Did Not Even Request, Libya Implies

At UN, Amid Sudan Indictment Hoopla, Myanmar Follow-Up and Sri Lanka Forgotten

On Sri Lanka, UN Notes Starvation, Believes No Heavy Artillery in Use, Defers to Council’s Silence

In Sri Lanka, UN Still Withholds Casualty Numbers, Funds Detention Camps

On Sri Lanka, IMF Says Its Pending Loan Would “Support Government Goals”

As UN Rights Expert Decries Sri Lankan Camps, OCHA Funds Them, Of Recruitment

In N. Sri Lanka, 2,683 Civilian Killings This Year, UN Leaked Documents Show

As Sri Lanka Says No to Conditions, UN Says It Will Set Them, Journalists and UNESCO

On Sri Lanka in UN Council, China Blocks March 26 Meeting, Vote May Be Called

On Sri Lanka, US’ Rice Joins Call for UN Council Briefing, ICC’s Ocampo Demurs

On Sri Lanka, Japan Wants UN Briefing, Austria Concerned about Killing by Both Sides

Sri Lanka Shelling No Fire Zone Noted at UN, Says Pillay Not UN

On Sri Lanka, UN Official Describes “Nightmare Scenario,” Treaty Official “Knows Better”

At Sri Lanka Dialogue of UN Council, Photos on Wall, Press in the Hall “…this meeting doesn’t exist…”

At UN, Sri Lanka Accused of Shelling Civilians, “Friendly Censure,” LTTE Condemned

IMF Loan to Sri Lanka Should Not Serve “Quasi Military” Purpose, UN Official Says

With UN Rebuffed in Sudan & Sri Lanka, UN Law & Order Episode Covered by CNN

As Sri Lanka Reject’s UN’s Ceasefire Call, No Response from Ban, Help Mulled as IMF Visits

As Mexico Heads UN Council, Sri Lanka Discussed, “Nightmare” May Be Closer

On Sri Lanka, UN’s Ban Drops Call for Suspension of Fighting, Vague on Aerial Bombing

On Sri Lanka, UN’s Ban Says “Never Again” to Call for Ceasefire or Suspension

On Sri Lanka, UN Adopts “Janus Face,” Half Calling to Stop Fighting, Hedging Bets

As Sri Lanka Issues Ultimatum, UN’s Ban Raises Other Issues, “No Fire” Zone in Peril

On Sri Lanka, Mexico Invokes Responsibility to Protect, Rebukes Colombo’s “Inaccuracies”

In Sri Lanka, UN Staff Detained in IDP Camps, Double Standard Alleged, Names Provided

In Sri Lanka, UN Staff Denied “Freedom of Movement” But UN Won’t Name Them

On Sri Lanka, UN Speak of Siege, Calls Cease-Fire Unrealistic, Only Private Diplomacy

UN Sends Nambiar to Sri Lanka, Quiet Diplomacy and Ships Off the Beach?

On Sri Lanka, With 4500 Dead, UN Won’t Ask Cease-fire, Nambiar May Brief Council But in Basement, Mexico Clarifies

Sri Lanka Denies UN’s Claimed Advocacy for Detained Staff, UK’s Des Browne Said on Way to NYC

UN Misspeaks on Sri Lanka Complaints and Skanska Suit, Kosovo Runaround, Fiji Connections

On Sri Lanka, France Requests UN Briefing, Nambiar’s Slow Return, Ban’s Tilt

On Sri Lanka, UN Council “Waits for Nambiar,” UK Says It’s Listening, But…

At UN on Sri Lanka, US Call for Pause, UN Bobs and Weaves, Briefing Wednesday

On Sri Lanka, UN’s Nambiar Resists Briefing the Council on His “Confidential” Trip: Is a USG Subpoena Needed?

On Sri Lanka at UN, Nambiar Said to Back Down to UK, Bloodbath Briefings

UN’s and Ban’s Backing-Down to Sri Lanka Questioned by NGOs, IMF Delay Praised

On Sri Lanka in UN Basement, Rice of US Speaks, Libya Offers Money, and China Support

On Sri Lanka at UN, Mere “Remarks to the Press,” UK Says IMF Loan Not Relevant

When Sri Lanka Ordered Doctors Out of Conflict Zone, UN Said Nothing

With 6432 Dead in Sri Lanka, UN Council Takes Over Press Room, UNHCR Funds Detention Camps, “Collective Punishment”

At UN, Few Press for Sri Lanka, Squeeze on N. Korea, Qazi Won’t Talk

At UN, Dodging Questions on End-Game Sri Lanka, Somalia’s Pirates of the Pen, Fowler and Nairobi UN Intrigue

In Sri Lanka, Access UN Claimed Nambiar Won Is Denied, Arrested Staff UNspoken For, IMF Loan and UK

On Sri Lanka, France Pitches Hospital Not IMF or Genocide, Ban Vs. Adada

At UN, Sri Lanka Briefing Chased Into Basement by China, Swede’s Exclusion Raised

Sri Lanka Damage Satellite Photos Withheld by UNITAR, IOM Staff Detained

At UN, Child Soldiers Half Addressed in Sri Lanka, Denied in Myanmar

Sri Lanka Disputes UN’s Lack of Access, EU’s Tariff Investigation as “Hype”

As Sri Lanka Descends to UN Basement, Underground Envoy Talk

On Sri Lanka, UN’s Holmes Tells Council to Speak with One Voice, Envoy Request

On Sri Lanka, UN Thinks Envoy’s No Help, UK Will Not Punish

As Sri Lanka Cracked Down on Press, UN Said Nothing, Now Congratulates Itself

On Sri Lanka, UN Dodges on Satellite Cover-Up and Arrest of Staff, UN TV

Russia Chides UN on NATO, Ban and Japan, Sri Lanka Not on Agenda

As UN Accused of Spying in Sri Lanka, Satellite Photo Withholding Continues

< there are some in between that are missing – we will update them asap – just no time!!>

May 11 –  Amid Death in Sri Lanka, UN Wedding in New York, Ban’s Visit Delay Questioned

May 13 – At UN, Sri Lankan Carnage Boiled Down to 9 Paragraph Press Statement, Starvation

May 14 – At UN, Sweden Links EU Tariffs to Sri Lanka Carnage, Ban Again Sends Nambiar


May 15 – With Sri Lankan Safe Zone in Flames, UN Fiddles, War Crimes Charged

May 16 – As Sri Lanka Holds Doctors Incommunicado, UN Deaf and Dumb

May 17 – In Sri Lanka, No Access to Carnage Until Victory Speech, UN Lowers Expectations

May 18 – In Sri Lanka, UN Turns Away from Conflict Zone as Ban Visit Approaches

May 18 – In Sri Lanka, Doctors Detained As UN’s Ban to Visit with Press, Ethnic Aid

May 19 – In Sri Lanka, UN Spokesman Has Last Visa, Press In For 2 Days, Banned From Zone?

May 19 – In Sri Lanka, UN’s Ban Says He’ll Visit Conflict Zone, Doctors Still in Custody

May 20 – On Sri Lanka, of Human Rights, Victors and Doctors Still Detained, Ban to the Zone

May 20 – On Sri Lanka, IMF Said Ready to Lend, Dodges Ethnic Cleansing, Where Are Obama, UK?

May 22 – Risk of UN’s Ban Being Manipulated by Sri Lanka Admitted by UN Official

May 22 – Sri Lanka Wants All Information from NGOs, Frustration with UN’s Quiet Diplomacy

May 22 – In Sri Lanka, UN Staff Languish in Jail, Abused, While UN Stays Silent

May 22 – In Sri Lanka, NGOs Asked for All Information, Frustrated with UN’s Quiet Diplomacy

May 22 – Headed to Sri Lanka, UN’s Ban Hungry for Visions, Nambiar’s and Pascoe’s Helping Hands

May 22 – In Sri Lanka, Will Ban Address Blacklisting, Boosa Prison, Detentions and Right to Return?

May 23 – In 16 Hours in Sri Lanka, UN’s Ban To Overfly Zone of Carnage, Dine with President

May 23 – On UN’s Sri Lanka Trip, Holmes Did Not Favor It, NGOs Phase Out Work

May 24 – As UN’s Ban Leaves Sri Lanka, Questions Unanswered, Complicity in War Crimes?

May 25 – As Tamil MPs Are Rebuffed in Sri Lanka, UN’s Ban in Denmark, No Answers

May 26 – Back from Sri Lanka, UN’s Holmes Admits NGO Killings and Restrictions Not Raised

May 27 – In Sri Lanka, Red Cross Barred from “Interment” Camps Despite UN’s Rosy Picture

May 28 – At UN, Sri Lanka Sinks Lower than the Basement, Ban Criticized on Human Rights

June 2 – In Sri Lanka 13,130 Missing IDPs Reported But Downplayed By UN, Journalist Beaten

June 3 – UN’s Legal Threats to Press, Censorship Proposal in Memo to Ban, Navi Pillay Asked to Act

June 4 – In Sri Lanka, Nambiar Believed President, Ban’s Briefing Unnoticed, UN Studies Prosecution of Press

June 4 – On UN’s Censorship Proposal, Ban Has No Comment, Studying Crackdowns in Sri Lanka

June 5 – Sri Lanka Denies IDP Reduction Reported by Inner City Press, Raises to UN

June 5 – At UN, Last Sri Lanka Meeting Is Closed, Just a Briefing, Will Ban Finally Speak?

June 8 – In Sri Lanka, UN Pays for Camps But No Legal Protections, Nor for NGOs, Will Council Hear?

June 9 – On Sri Lanka, UN Has No Comment on Anti-Terror Law, Ban’s Freetown Rep Not Worried By Protest

June 10 – As Sri Lanka Deports Canadian MP, UN Has No Comment, Controls Questions To Be Asked

June 10 – With UN Silent on Sri Lanka, Swiss Amb. Maurer on Violations of International Law, IMF Loan, Internment Camps, UN Budget

June 11 – At UN, Ban Bones Up on Safety and Swing Space, Sri Lanka Pushed into Past

June 11 – On Sri Lanka, UN’s Holmes Contradicts His Colleague’s Caution, Sudan Double Standard?

June 11 – UN’s Ban Questioned on Record, on Sri Lanka, Half Time Pep Talk

June 12 – On Sri Lanka, UN Has No Comment on Prison Labor, New GA President Will Not Explain

June 15 – On Sri Lanka, Norway Worried by Camps, WHO by Doctors, Bill Clinton on Tsunami

June 16 – As Sri Lanka Cancels Its Self-Investigation, Ghoulish IDP Services for Fee, Where’s UN?

June 17 – As Sawers Becomes Top UK Spy, New Light on Secrecy, Sri Lanka and Sudan Strategy

June 17 – UN’s Ban Protested for Inaction on Sri Lanka Ethnic Cleansing

June 18 – UN’s Ban Says Sri Lanka Was Not Initially In His Speech, As UNDP Goes Off the Record on Sexual Violence

June 19 – In Sri Lanka Camps, UN Blind and Deaf Without Cameras or Cell Phones, African Concern

June 19 – As Sri Lanka Arrests Two UN Staff, UNHCR Offers Praise After Staying Silent

June 22 – HSBC Gushed About Sri Lanka Though IMF Loan for Ethnic Cleansing Delayed, Citi on Blood Bonds

June 23 – Sri Lankan Government Used Plainclothes Men in Unmarked Cars to Grab UN Staff

June 24 – Ex-UN’s Jan Egeland Describes “Horror” In Sri Lanka, Says R2P Has Failed, UN Silent

June 25 – On Sri Lanka, UK Says IMF Loan’s Not Moving, UN Silent on Abducted Staff and Doctors Amid Its Claims of Myanmar

June 26 – UN Runs Scared of Sri Lanka, Says National Staff Not Immune — But Genocide Suspects Are

June 29 – Chile on ICC and “Nationalist” Guerrillas in Sri Lanka, UN Mum on Camps It Funds But Claims To Not Control

Jul 1 – In Sri Lanka, UN Hires Lawyer for Arrested Staff, But Will It Protect Anyone?

Jul 8 – As UK’s Malloch Brown Again Seeks Cash, Sri Lanka and IMF Loan Questions, UN Scandals

Jul 8 – Turkey’s Erdogan Says Will Put Xinjiang on UN Council Agenda, Didn’t on Sri Lanka, China’s Reaction

Jul 9 – As Sri Lanka Taxes and Cuts NGOs, Parades the Detained Doctors, UN Has Nothing to Say

Jul 14 – UN’s Staff Union Slams Sri Lanka Detentions, Cites Immunity as UN Claims in Sudan

Jul 15 – UN Speaks on Pakistan IDPs Return, Silent on Sri Lanka Internment and ACF Whitewash

Jul 16 – IMF Says on Sri Lanka, Int’l “Views Will Be Considered,” Spends on Honduras But Dodges Question

Jul 21 – At UN, D’Escoto’s R to P Methods Questioned, Team Ban Off Record on Sri Lanka, Off to China

Jul 21 – With UN Silent on Sri Lanka, IMF Staff Urge $2.5 Billion Loan, Will Views Be Heard?

Jul 22 – At UN, R to P Confusion on Somalia and Sri Lanka, Even on Funding of Early Warning Office

Jul 23 – At UN, Chomsky Calls Sri Lanka A Rwanda-like “Atrocity,” IMF and Oil Explanations

Jul 24 – As IMF Hands $2.5B Loan to Sri Lanka, Letter of Intent Withheld, Ethnic Cleansing Alleged

Jul 25 – After IMF Vote, Sri Lanka Releases Letter, Drops IDP Release from 80 to 60%

Jul 27 – IMF Won’t Detail Sri Lanka Vote Or Release MoU, Spins Only to Colombo Despite Press Exclusions

Jul 29 – On Sri Lanka, As UN’s Ban Speaks of IDPs’ Comfort, UN Dismissive of Abductions

Aug 2 – Sri Lanka’s Ethnic Cleansing Bonds Touted by StanChart and HSBC, IMF Silence on Vote Is “Policy”

Aug 4 – UK’s Sawers Explains Leaving Sri Lanka Off UN Council Agenda, on LRA No Answers

Aug 10 – At UN, No Answers on Sri Lanka Killings or Burma Bombs, Honduras and Niger Elections

Aug 16 – On Sri Lanka, UN Funds Now Flooded Internment Camps, Still Silent on ACF Killings

Aug 18 – With UN Silent on Flooding of Sri Lankan Camps, Aid Groups Plead for Release of IDPs

Aug 19 – UN’s Ban Slammed by Norway’s Juul, on Burma and Sri Lanka Trips, Should Oslo Be Canceled?

Aug 19 – As UK Questioned on Arms Exports to Sri Lanka, No Action at UN on Flooded Camps

Aug 23 – In Sri Lanka, Death Threats Over Speaking on EU’s GSP Plus Tariff Treatment, Silence at UN

Aug 25 – At UN, A Call for An Envoy for Sri Lanka, Murder as Diagnosis, Footage Emerges

Aug 26 – As UN Mulls Sri Lankan Murder Video, Report on Camps Withheld, UK Passes Buck

Aug 28 – UN Admits Error, Now Says “No Foul Play” in Sri Lankan President’s Relative’s Death

Aug 30 – Executions by Sri Lankan Army To Be Raised to UN’s Ban in Norway, a Post Mona Juul Memo “Moral Authority” Test

Aug 31 – At UN, Tortured Concern about Sri Lanka Killing Video But Not Reporter’s Term of 20 Years

Sep 2 – At UN, Susan Rice Calls Sri Lankan Executions Disturbing, No Council Session Set, Rajapaksa No Show, HG Error

Sep 3 – Two UN Views of Sri Lankan Killing Video, Holmes in Norway Putting Out Fires

Sep 5 – As Sri Lanka Expels UNICEF Spokesman for Camp Comments, Ban Meeting Moot

Sep 9 – At UN, ICC’s Map of Crimes Includes Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Zimbabwe, Unacted On by Victors’ Justice

Sep 13 – On Sri Lankan Torture and Exclusion, UN Gives Run Around, HSBC into Jaffna

Sep 14 – UN’s Ban Speaks with Sri Lankan President, Internment Continues, S. Koreans Greeted

Sep 14 – After Sri Lanka Call, UN’s Ban Sends Pascoe Not Nambiar, Internal “Accountability” on Agenda

Sep 15 – UN’s Gaza Report Favors EU Cases on Geneva Conventions, Sri Lanka Raised, Pascoe Waits

Sep 15 – UN Dodges on Darfur Replacements and UNRWA Strike, Murky Sri Lankan Ambassador Meeting

Sep 16 – On Sri Lanka Detentions, UN’s Top Lawyer Won’t Opine, of Privileges and the Pen

Sep 16 – In Sri Lanka, Speed Up All Removals from IDP Camps, UN’s Holmes Says, of Due Process and Dolphin Vans Dismissed

Sep 17 – After Bloodbath on the Beach, Sri Lanka Offers Fish Balls with a View of UN

Sep 17 – On Sri Lanka, UN’s Ban Speaks But No Questions Allowed, Pascoe Spin

Sep 21 – As Japan and Clinton Met, Sri Lanka Not Mentioned, Myanmar Only Later, Prisoner Questions

Sep 22 – On Sri Lanka, Australia’s Rudd Says He’s Watching, UN Silent on Immunity, Miliband at UN

Sep 23 – At UN, Miliband and Kouchner in Sri Lankan Meeting Friday, Japan Says It’s Resolved

Sep 24 – IMF Disappears Questions on Post-Coup Honduras, Sri Lanka Withholding and Jamaica

Sep 24 – As If at UN, Sri Lankan PM at Asia Society Faces Pre-Screened Softball Questions

Sep 26 – At UN, Sri Lanka’s Speech in Near Empty Hall Cheered by Defense Minister, UK Silent

Sep 28 – As Sri Lankan IDPs Shot, UN’s Pascoe Says Camps To Be “Thinned Out,” Council Should Meet

Sep 29 – At UN, Ban Cannot Stop Sri Lanka’s Shooting, Blake’s Visit, Report Mid-October

Oct 6 – At UN, Questions of Rain and Sri Lanka’s Camps, of Elections and Interruptions

Oct 14 – With UN Sending Cammaert to Sri Lanka on IDPs, Kohona Combats Salt and Probes

Oct 15 – UNDP Reports on Clark’s Kiwi Concerns, Doss Probe In Limbo, Ryan on Sri Lanka

Oct 19 – At UN, Delayed Read-out of Ban’s Meeting with Sri Lankan Minister, NGO Deadline for Internment, Cammaert Postponed?

Oct 20 – Is Sri Lanka Postponing Visit of UN’s Caemmart Retaliation? UN Claims Photo-Op Was Disclosure

Oct 24 – On Sri Lanka, UN Inaction on Torture, Refugees, Peacekeepers’ War Crimes and Sexual Abuse

Oct 27 – On Sri Lanka, UN’s Alston Probes Execution Video, Kaelin Says His Praise Was Misquoted

Nov 4 – On Sri Lanka, UN’s Cammaert’s Visit Now December 5, Council Lauds Basement Meetings

Nov 11 – The UN on Protection of Civilians Dost Protest Too Much, 62 Speakers But What of Congo, Sri Lanka and Sudan?

Nov 11 – With Sri Lanka Ignored in UN Debate, Austria Speaks of Proposal, UN’s Holmes Moves On

Nov 11 – As Sri Lanka Announces UN Holmes To Visit, Is UN’s Silence the Silent Deal?

Nov 17 – Land Mine Use Defended by Sri Lanka as UN Says Nothing, of “Victim Activated” IEDs

Nov 18 – Amid Reports of War Crimes, IMF Gives More Funds to Sri Lankan Government and Spins on Human Rights

Nov 23 – In Sri Lanka, IDPs Given Passes, NGOs Told Not to Complain to UN, Election Games

Nov 25 – Venezuela Wants Colombia in UN Council Agenda, Unlike Honduras and Sri Lanka

Nov 27 – Child Soldiers in Sudan and Myanmar, No UN Comment on Sri Lanka, LRA on Move

Dec 4 – As Sri Lanka Still Bars Press from Camps, UN Denies Receiving Elders’ Letter

Dec 4 – At UN, Ocampo Turns O-Kafka, Threatens Any Denier With ICC Prosecution, Sri Lanka Silence

Dec 10 – Sri Lanka Falls Off Radar of UN and US, Despite Rapp Report and Disappearances

Dec 14 – As Killing of Those Seeking to Surrender in Sri Lanka Is Alleged, Will UN Investigate?

Dec 21 – On Sri Lankan Killings, As Alston Asks Rajapaksas, Why Not UN’s Nambiar?

Dec 31 – On Sri Lanka, UN Won’t Be “Used” or Speak on Broken IDP Promises or Elections


Jan 6 – UN’s Ban Mute on Sri Lanka’s Election Request, Impunity and Fraud Implicitly Accepted, UN Sources Say

Jan 6 – On Sri Lanka, UN Won’t Observe, Has Hopes for IDPs, Mute on Accountability

Jan 7 – On Sri Lankan War Crimes, UN Discloses Ban Expert Panel Idea, Election Snub Questioned

Jan 7 – At UN, Ban Cites Old Sri Lanka Calls to Evade War Crimes Findings

Jan 8 – On Sri Lanka, Last Act of UN’s Ban Was Three Months Ago, Despite War Crimes

Jan 11 – On War Crimes, UN’s Ban Listens to Sri Lanka President over Alston’s Views

Jan 12 – At UN, Sri Lanka Shooting of Opposition Draws No Comment, No Probe

Jan 20 – As UN and US Work With Sri Lankan Soldiers in Haiti, UK Funded Study Downplays Carnage in Sri Lanka and Congo

Jan 22 – EU’s Ashton “Concerned” By Rights in Sri Lanka, On Election, No UN Ban Follow Up

Jan 25 – On Eve of Sri Lankan Election, UN’s Ban Is Silent on Abductions, Grenades and Forced Pro-Rajapaksa Text Messages

Jan 27 – As UN Fires Tear Gas in Haiti, Sri Lanka Gives Tea, UNICEF Info Awaited

Jan 27 – On Sri Lanka, UN’s Ban Expresses Canned Relief as Opposition Candidate Surrounded

Jan 29 – As Sri Lanka Expels Journalists and Raids Opposition, UN’s Ban Relieved Still

Feb 2 – As UN Spins Statements on Sudan Separatism, Ban’s Stance on Sri Lanka Recalled

Feb 4 – On Goldstone, UN’s Ban Files Only 4 Paragraphs of Observations, on Sri Lanka, Nothing

Feb 4 – Sri Lanka Lobbies at UN To Be De-Listed Despite Child Soldiers Recruited, Others Barred from School, Lanka’s Inside Man

Feb 8 – As Sri Lanka Arrests Fonseca, Censors War Crimes and Calls Nambiar, UN Quiet

Feb 9 – UN’s Ban to Call Sri Lanka’s Rajapaksa about Fonseka’s Arrest, Nambiar Questions

Feb 10 – Sri Lanka Says UN’s Ban “Congratulates” Rajapaksa After Arrest of Fonseka, Press Crackdown

Feb 11 – Amid Tear Gas, UN Lets Stand Sri Lanka Claim of Its Congratulations, UN’s “Good Journalism” Guide

Feb 16 – At UN, CPJ on Pariah States N. Korea and on Sri Lanka, Buying Tickets, Iran’s Eye

Mar 3 – On Sri Lanka, UN’s Ban Was Lied To, But Pascoe Trip Delay, of Job Requests

Mar 4 – IMF Says “No Agreement” With Sri Lanka, Meets in Hungary, Omits Bulgaria, Angola and Chavez Questions

Mar 4 – Araud of France Gives Economic Read of Iran Sanctions, Ban’s Sri Lanka Inaction

Mar 5 – On Sri Lanka War Crimes, UN’s Ban to Name Panel to Advise Only Him, No Pascoe, Nambiar Nepotism Follow Up

Mar 8 – On Sri Lanka, UN’s Ban Restates Concern on Lack of Progress, Unaware of Job Request

Mar 10 – UK’s Hi Tech Miliband Is Asked of Somalia and Sri Lanka, by Twitter, Yes or No

Mar 12 – At UN, Dance of Libya and Switzerland, Munoz on Lula Over Ban for S-G 2012, Sri Lanka Charades

Mar 15 – On Sri Lanka, UN Now Says Panel “Not Very Soon,” Response to NAM, and by UK

Mar 16 – At UN, Ban Says “No Delay” in Naming Sri Lanka Panel, Report Only to Him

Mar 17 – At UN, Mandela and Rugby Praised, No Answers on Sri Lanka or Sudan, Invictus

Mar 18 – On Sri Lanka, UN Puts Spin on “No Delay,” Jabs at NAM, Will Fonseka Meet Pascoe?

Mar 19 – On Sri Lanka, As UK Disagrees With NAM Letter, IMF, Pascoe and Panel After Election?

Mar 24 – For UN’s Sri Lanka Panel, Nambiar Meets with Kohona, “Two Foxes,” Sources Say

Apr 19 – At UN, Sri Lanka Gets $3M from Ban, Fixes Panel and Pushes Its Troops, Protests and New School DPR

Apr 22 – As Sri Lanka AG Met With UN’s Ban, War Crimes Panel Unnamed for Six Weeks

Apr 24 – The UN and its Mail, on Free Press, Sri Lanka and Middle East, True Believers

May 5 – On Sri Lanka, As UN’s Ban Delays on Panel, Pascoe’s Trip Delayed For “Goodies”

May 6 – IMF Consumed in Greek Fire, Dodges on Romania, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Rwanda

May 9 – On Sri Lanka, UN Soft Pedals Humanitarian Law, Still No War Crimes Panel for Ban Ki-moon after Gota Rajapaksa Threats

May 10 – As UN Delays on War Crimes in Sri Lanka, New Ambassador Criticizes Press and “Blogging Privilege,” Colombo Style

May 11 – On War Crimes Experts, UN Waits for “Sham”Sri Lankan Panel, Hiding Behind Rice

May 13 – On Sri Lanka War Crimes, US’ Rice Supports UN’s Ban, So Panel Without Delay?

May 16 – On Sri Lanka, ICG Calls for Investigation of UN Inaction, Ban Panel Still Delayed

May 17 – On Sri Lanka, UN Can’t Say How Many Died, Nor if Ban Called for Ceasefire

May 18 – On Sri Lanka, UN Won’t Answer Questions, Its IRIN Censors Criticism of Ban?

May 19 – As Sri Lanka Names Its Own Palihakkara as Investigator, UN Panel Would Not Look at UN’s Role in War Crimes

May 20 – On Sri Lanka, IMF Calls War Crimes Report Of Concern, Tranche Turns on Budget?

May 22 – Sri Lanka’s Peiris to Meet Ban, Nambiar and Select Press, War Crimes and Internment Camp Questions Not Taken

May 23 – In Waldorf, Peiris and Kohona of Sri Lanka Spin Selectively, War Crimes Defense Tour Begins Behind Closed Doors

May 24 – On UN Role in Sri Lanka War Crimes, Ban Rejects Then Denies Rejecting Allegations

May 24 – As UN Ban Ki-moon Hosts Sri Lanka Peiris, Press Banned Even from Photo Op, “Turn That Camera Off”

May 25 – As Sri Lanka Spins, UN Slow and Silent on Why Stopped Counting the Dead

May 26 – On Sri Lanka, UN Did Not Recuse Nambiar, UK Supports Ban Panel, Peiris Waits

May 27 – In DC, Peiris of Sri Lanka Shows Not Ready for Prime Time, Hillary Clinton to Hear War Crimes Defense

May 28 – Sri Lanka’s Kohona Denies Assuring UN’s Nambiar Rebels Would Not Be Executed, Qorvis told Peiris to Leave NPC

June 03 – On Sri Lanka, UN Continues to Spin Threat Against Its Staff, From Gandhi to

June 07 – As in Sri Lanka Rajapaksas Threaten War Crimes Witness Fonseka with Death, UN’s Ban Ki-moon Has No Comment

June 19 – On War Crimes, US Rapp Says Sri Lanka Panel Doesn’t Meet Standards, Ban Names Next Week

June 21 – UN Sri Lanka Panel To Include Steven Ratner and Yasmin Sooka of S. Africa, Reconciliation or Accountability?

June 23 – Sri Lanka Spin on S. Africa and ASEAN Played Role in UN Panel, Khmer Rouge Rajapaksa

June 24 – As Sri Lanka Says No Visas, UN Says No Need to Visit or Talk to Witnesses

June 25 – Sri Lanka Block of Visas Unfortunate, Darusman Says, UN Says Visit Not Needed, How Panel Staffed Is Unclear

June 30 – As Sri Lanka Threatens UN Staff, Ban’s UN Makes Excuses, Calls It Gandhian

July 03 – On Sri Lanka, UN Continues to Spin Threat Against Its Staff, From Gandhi to Apology?

July 04 – As Sri Lanka Party in Power Threatens UN Staff, Ban Stays Silent, DPR To Go

July 05 – Sri Lanka Army Claims Dutch Ambassador Support Despite EU Human Rights Cut of GSP Plus Concession

July 05 – Sri Lanka Minister and Mob Hold UN Staff Hostage, Ban Remains Silent

July 06 – UN Downplays Sri Lanka Hostage Taking of its Staff, Ban Has Not Called Rajapaksa

July 06 – As Sri Lanka Burns UN Ban in Effigy, Some NAM Members Abandon It, UN In Disarray, Kohona Dressed Down

July 07 – As UN Capitulates and Closes Sri Lanka Office, Conflict in Council, Bribery Alleged

July 07 – As Sri Lanka Burns Him in Effigy, UN Ban Has No Comment, Pillay Says Speak to Gov’t

July 07 – As Sri Lanka Minister Blocks 150 UN Staff, UN Nambiar Assured by Kohona

July 08 – UN’s Ban Belatedly Ascribes Siege to Sri Lanka Government, But Won’t Call for Visas for UN War Crimes Experts Panel

July 09 – In Sri Lanka, UNDP Center Was Already Being Downsized, Ban’s Act Overplayed

July 09 – Sri Lanka’s Blocking of UN War Crimes Panel Visas Unremarked on by Ban

July 12 – As Srebenica Remembered at UN, Kyrgystan Forgotten, Sri Lanka Lobbying

July 12 – Sri Lanka Statement Minimizing UN Panel Done with Buhne, As Kohona Pitches Officials

July 15 – On Sri Lanka, NAM Will Wait, “Pillay’s” Neuwirth to Head Panel Staff of 8, Qatar Pitched Iran to Head NAM

July 17 –
On Sri Lanka, UN Panel’s Problems, of Blackmail as Guatemala Cites R2P, NAM Games of Iran, Venezuela to Head G-77?

July 19 – Sri Lanka Panel Holds 1st Meeting in NYC, “Doesn’t Need UN Permission” for Colombo Visit, of Darusman Fees and Sea Bass

July 20 – As Sri Lanka Panel Meets With Nambiar, 4 Month Clock Frozen, Pillay’s Office Will Staff

July 23 – Ban Ki-moon’s UN Called Secret on Corruption, Silent on Torture from Sri Lanka to Sudan

Aug 1 – At UN, Sri Lanka Panel Stalled on Staffing, Rajapaksa’s RSVP for September, Rice and Kyrgyz Constrasts

Aug 2 – As UN Names Gaza Flotilla Panel, Uribe Seems Ill-Timed, Sri Lanka Delay Contrasted

Aug 3 – At UN, Sri Lanka Panel’s 4 Months Has Not Begun, Ban Gives In to Protest?

Aug 9 – At UN, R2P Re-Argued Amid Ban Ki-moon Silence on Sri Lanka and Sudan Starvation of IDPs, Kyrgyz Sidestep

Aug 11 – At UN, R2P Re-Argued Amid Ban Ki-moon Silence on Sri Lanka and Sudan Starvation of IDPs, Kyrgyz Sidestep

Aug 13 – On Sri Lanka, UN Has No Comment on Fonseka, Panel Still Not Started, Ban Book In Flux, Lee Kuan Yew Author Snubbed

Aug 19 – At UN, Holmes’ Humanitarian Tenure Ends With Sudan Silence, Sri Lanka Questions of Good Cop, Bad Cop, Off Record Jokes

Aug 25 – At UN, Sri Lanka Move to Place Alleged War Criminal As Ambassador Questioned

Aug 26 – On Sri Lanka, UN’s Holmes Speaks of Gov’t Shelling, Casualties, 2 Sides’ Propaganda

Sep 13 – UN Happy Talk from Ban & Spokesman, No Sudan, No Sri Lanka or Congo Accountability

Sep 14 – At UN, Ban Silent on Sri Lanka Repeal of Term Limits, Links, Panel Still Not Started

Sep 16 – At UN, Ban’s 1st Meeting with Sri Lanka Panel Omitted From Schedule, Links Undisclosed

Sep 22 – As Obama Is Booed at Fundraiser, Chinese-Only Briefing, Sri Lanka Protest, MDGs

Sep 24 – As Ban Meets Sri Lanka Rajajaksa, UN War Crimes Panel Not Mentioned

Sep 26 – As Sri Lanka Quotes UN Ban Undermining His Panel on War Crimes, UN Questioned

Sep 29 – UN Ban Confined Mention His Sri Lanka War Crimes Panel to Secret Unsummarized “Tete a Tete” Meeting with Rajapaksa

Sep 29 – At UN on Sri Lanka, Ban Son in Law Called “Irrelevant,” Rajapaksa Relations Still Undisclosed after Tete a Tete Meeting

Sep 30 – UN Won’t Disclose Ban’s 1 on 1 Meetings This Month, Presidents Beyond Sri Lanka?

Oct 1 – On Ban’s “Abnormal” Understanding with Sri Lanka’s Rajapaksa, UN Won’t Answer

Dec 7 – On Sri Lanka, ICC Prosecution “Could Be and Option” for State Party

Dec 16 – At UN, As Sri Lanka War Crimes Panel Rejected Evidence, UN Promises Extension

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