Er…you listen and you decide who is speaking the truth

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ABC Radio Australia Asia Pacific – Tamil terrorist claims exaggerated: former UN spokesman

The former spokesman for the United Nations in Colombo has accused the Sri Lankan government of branding Tamil asylum seekers as terrorists, fearing they might become witnesses in a war crimes tribunal if they are granted asylum in Australia.

The UN has established a panel to investigate whether a war crimes tribunal is appropriate in regards to the last months of Sri Lanka’s civil war, which, ended early last year. Since then 1,129 Sri Lankan asylum seekers have arrived in Australia, with about 30 per cent being granted asylum, 7 per cent being refused and sent back and the rest of the cases still pending. The Australian media this week published comments by a Sri Lankan security analyst, who said up to half of all Tamil asylum seekers had links to the Tamil Tigers, and that the Tamil Tigers had links to Al Qaeda. Former UN spokesman Gordon Weiss, says those claims are false and risk inflaming the debate over immigration in Australia.

Presenter: Liam Cochrane
Speakers: Gordon Weiss, former spokesman for the United Nations in Sri Lanka

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ABC Radio Australia Asia Pacific – Tamil Tigers linked to Al Qaeda: High Commissioner

The Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Canberra, Senaka Walgapaya, stood by the comments that many Tamil asylum seekers are in his words “hardcore fighters” and that there were links between the Tamil Tigers and Al Qaeda.

He says Sri Lanka does not want to interfere with Australia’s immigration process, but believes some Tamil asylum seekers pose a security threat to Australia.

Presenter: Liam Cochrane
Speakers: Senaka Walgapaya, Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Australia

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ATC in the media – Tamil voices heard

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In contrast to their initial article, The Australian has published a second article that has incorporated the opinions of Tamil community representatives and non-Tamil independent experts to give the Australian public a much more balanced approach to the topic. We thank The Australian for listening to the views expressed by many who were concerned with the approach The Australian had initially taken on this issue.

The Australian – Tamil Tigers at the front door

SRI Lankan asylum-seekers with links to Tamil terrorists pose a dilemma for Canberra.

IN October last year a Sri Lankan mother packed up her two small children and a few belongings, paid her savings to a people-smuggler and boarded an unseaworthy boat in Indonesia, bound for Australia.

Shayana (not her real name) hoped it would be the final leg of her family’s long journey to escape the bloodshed and tumult still wracking their homeland after 26 years of civil war.

But it was not to be. More

The Australian – Tamil Tiger is extinct, and regime knows it

LEADERS slander Tamil refugees because they don’t want them to reach our shores, says Gordon Weiss.

SRI Lankan government warnings that half the Tamils seeking asylum in Australia have links to terrorists are dangerous, mendacious and self-serving. More

Any wonder why they may want to flee SL

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Is there any wonder why Tamils suspected of links with the Tamil Tigers would want to flee Sri Lanka?

BBC – Former Sri Lanka rebels ‘abused in detention’

Former Tamil Tiger rebels detained in Sri Lanka say they have been ill-treated in government camps with no basic facilities.

In letters and phone calls to BBC Tamil, ex-militants say they have been “tortured and beaten” in the centres.

They accuse camp guards of being corrupt and demanding bribes before releasing detainees. More

SL puppets at it again

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The Australian – Half of Sri Lankan arrivals have ties to Tigers

We encourage you to write to The Australian of the dangers of relying on SL puppets for information –

More on SL Boat People

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ABCradioAustralia (2)

Former Tamil fighters ‘seeking aslyum in Australia’

Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to Australia has alleged that large numbers of Sri Lankans seeking asylum in Australia are former members of the Tamil Tiger rebel movement. His claim comes as Australia launches a regional campaign aimed at curbing the rising numbers of people attempting to enter Australia by boat in search of residency.

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The Australian  – Asylum deportee held in Sri Lanka

SRI Lankan boatperson who was among the first batch of failed asylum-seekers to be forcibly deported by the Rudd government has been arrested by Sri Lankan authorities.

Australian Immigration Department officials confirmed yesterday that two brothers deported from Perth on Sunday were detained by Sri Lankan police when they arrived at Colombo.

A spokesman for the department, Sandi Logan, said one was charged with people-smuggling.

However, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre campaign co-ordinator Pamela Curr said both men had been detained, charged and sent to Negombo prison. One of them claimed to have been beaten by police.
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BBC on political prisoners

September 19, 2009 Comments Off on BBC on political prisoners

Grant amnesty” for political prisoners

Relatives of war affected called upon the government to grant an amnesty for political prisoners.

The request was made from the government following a public meeting held in Colombo organised by the Civil Monitoring Committee (CMC).

The Sri Lankan government says that nearly 10,000 suspected Tamil Tigers are held in detention.

CMC convener, Parliamentarian Mano Ganeshan recalled that senior Tamil Tigers George Master and Daya Master has already been released on bail.

“If they can be released why are students been detained?” asked MP Ganeshan.

LTTE media co-ordinator, Velayudam Dayanidhi widely known as Daya Master and translator, Kumar Pancharatnam known as George Master surrendered to Sri Lanka military in Puthumathalan in April.

Many Tamils attended the meeting carrying photographs of their relatives who have dissapeared in the war.

Addressing the meeting Sri Lanka freedom Party Mahajana wing leader said that over 10,000 have disappeared from war refugee camps in Vavunia.

“Thirty to fourty disappear daily,” said Mangala Samaraweera MP, quoting a high ranking official.

Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe told the gathering that he does not see fault of informing the international community of human rights abuses in Sri Lanka.

“It was Mahinda Rajapaksa who initiated the practice of crying out to the world,” added the opposition leader.

Sowing the seeds of future rebellion – Comment

September 17, 2009 Comments Off on Sowing the seeds of future rebellion – Comment

The Guardian – Tamils rail under Sri Lanka’s heel

The Sri Lankan government’s ruthless repression of the Tamil people is sowing the seeds of future rebellion

When the Sri Lankan government routed the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam on the sandy beaches of the country’s north east, few would have predicted that the government offensive would continue. Yet in the months that have followed there has been little magnanimity, let alone reconciliation. Tens of thousands of Tamil civilians are still being kept in camps surrounded by barbed wire. The victorious army is being expanded – a bizarre peace dividend in a country that had to be thrown an IMF lifeline earlier this year.

This is really zero-sum identity politics: the Sinhalese government’s victory viewed as the Tamils’ catastrophic defeat. Colombo’s streets are littered with so many pictures of president Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brothers that the incipient personality cult would shame a Chinese communist. The triumphalism in Colombo means those who dare to question the government are deemed Tiger collaborators, terrorist sympathisers or Tamil secessionists.

These charges can discredit virtually any position in Sri Lanka. The result is a surreal and deadly political climate where even though the entire leadership of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam was wiped out in May, the government is on a war footing to kill off a comeback.

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