Sunday Leader interview with Father Emmanuel

April 25, 2011 Comments Off on Sunday Leader interview with Father Emmanuel

Sunday Leader (24/04) – ‘All Sides Must Be Investigated For Real Reconciliation To Begin’

The Sunday Leader’s Faraz Shauketaly spoke to Head of the Global Tamil Forum, Father Emmanuel, asking him to comment on the UN Advisory Panel Report. Excerpts:

Q:  What is your reaction to the UN Advisory Panel’s report to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon?
We have seen a leaked report. We are at the first stage. It is an opportunity to find out the truth and to start a process of true reconciliation. The Report advises that an enquiry be held to hold both the Sri Lankan Government and the Tigers accountable. There has been a lot of emotional reaction from both sides – the Sri Lanka government and the Tamils. We Tamils of course welcome the report as being an objective one. It is an attempt to find out and bring out the truth so that justice can be done and a true reconciliation process can begin. (More)

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