Sri Lanka learnt from Israel

October 9, 2009 Comments Off on Sri Lanka learnt from Israel

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Neither Sri Lanka nor Israel should have impunity in their ‘wars on terror’

Compare the international outcry over the Gaza massacre to the relative silence toward  Sri Lanka’s war against the Tamil people in 2008 and 2009. Conservative estimates place the death roll at over 20,000 people, perhaps as high as 50,000. The Colombo regime dismissed all attempts to cease its military operations, negotiate with the Tamil Tigers or allow the transfer of hundreds of thousands of civilians to safety. Today, close to 300,000 Tamils are trapped in government-imposed camps, surrounded by barbed wire and unable to leave.
The International Crisis Group told the European Parliament in early October that “such restrictions on freedom in the absence of due process are a violation of both national and international law.”
Sri Lanka was fighting its own “war on terror” with the Israeli playbook. Ban all independent media from the war zone, demonize human rights groups as sympathetic to terrorists, dismiss all questioning of tactics as giving in to terrorism and support the doctrine of overwhelming fire-power. Like Israel, Sri Lanka won the battle, but will inevitably lose the war.

In todays news …

March 17, 2009 Comments Off on In todays news …

Reuters : Justice experts seek Israel-Gaza war crimes inquiry

A group of leading judges and investigators called on Monday for a “prompt, independent and impartial” investigation into allegations of war crimes committed during Israel’s conflict in Gaza earlier this year.

Wall Street Journal : Colombo’s Secret War on Terror

The Sri Lankan government is on the cusp of achieving what once seemed impossible. Its armed forces are crushing the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam on the battlefield, having pushed the rebels out of their northern stronghold and surrounded them in a few coastal villages. The administration of President Mahinda Rajapaksa hopes that destroying the Tigers’ organization will bring an end to the 26-year civil war that has claimed more than 70,000 lives.

The Advocate : Stamford doctor lobbies for Sri Lankan minority group

Every night after work, Ellyn Shander sits on her computer for hours, corresponding with people around the world and trying to save friends caught in a conflict between the government and rebel groups in Sri Lanka.

Inner City Press: As UN Rights Expert Decries Sri Lankan Camps, OCHA Funds Them, Of Recruitment and Targeting

The UN’s expert on the human rights of internally displaced people Walter Kalin on Friday said of the camps the Sri Lankan government is setting up just outside its conflict zone with the Tamil Tigers that “while security screenings may be conducted upon arrival, they should be concluded promptly and individuals retained only in accord with judicial process and on the basis of individualized suspicion.”

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