Fasting Tamil political prisoners assaulted

September 21, 2009 Comments Off on Fasting Tamil political prisoners assaulted

Tamilnet – Prison guards assault hunger striking detainees in Colombo

At least 36 Tamil political prisoners who were part of a fast unto death hunger strike at the central jail in Welikada Colombo are alleged to have been severely assaulted by guards and jailers on early Friday, informed sources told TamilNet. 32 of the political prisoners who were being held in Cell Block G were transferred to the Block M, and some of them had sustained injuries in the episode, according to the sources. The detainees have been forced to stop their hunger strike.

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SL shows opposition to ship taking aid to Tamils

April 2, 2009 Comments Off on SL shows opposition to ship taking aid to Tamils

The Guardian: Sri Lanka says British aid destined for Tamil civilians could be cover for weapons
Celebrities and politicians gather in London to publicise humanitarian voyage

Campaigners who have collected 400 tonnes of food and medical aid for the 150,000 Tamil civilians trapped by the fighting between the Sri Lankan army and the Tamil Tigers have reacted angrily to claims from Colombo that the aid mission could be a cover for supplying weapons to the rebels.

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Humanitarian medical mission, to the Vanni conflict zone

March 17, 2009 Comments Off on Humanitarian medical mission, to the Vanni conflict zone

The British Tamils have taken on the mammoth task of planning a humanitarian medical mission, to the Vanni conflict zone, by sending a Mercy Mission ship.  They are presently negotiating, and are willing to negotiate constructively in the long term, with NGOs and the Government of Sri Lanka for a safe passage. Non-Tamil doctors will be part of the team on board.

The Wire interviews Mr. Paul O'Callaghan from ACFID

March 11, 2009 Comments Off on The Wire interviews Mr. Paul O'Callaghan from ACFID

The Wire: Australia needs to step up peace efforts in Sri Lanka
Produced by Catherine Zengerer

At least 14 people have been killed in the latest wave of violence in Sri Lanka, when a Tamil suicide bomber blew himself up just south of the capital Colombo. About 70,000 people have died in the Sri Lankan war which has been raging for over two decades Paul O’Callaghan is the Executive Director of the Australian Council for International Development and he thinks the Australian government is not doing enough to put an end to the conflict. He spoke to Catherine Zengerer.

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Over 1000 Tamils Rally in Melbourne

March 7, 2009 Comments Off on Over 1000 Tamils Rally in Melbourne

SBS TV News covers SL Conflict & Melbourne Rally
7 March 2009 – Over 1000 Tamils rally in Melbourne, Australia


Tamils Merge onto Parliament Steps

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Hon. Ian Cohen of NSW Parliament speaks on SL conflict and Tamil Struggle

March 5, 2009 § 2 Comments

Hon. Ian Cohen, NSW Parliament, Member of Legislative Council and Greens Party delivered a speech in NSW Parliament on “Sri Lanka and Tamil Conflict”

“Too many lives have been lost, and each day we keep silent we allow more deaths to occur. It is important that the Government of Australia and the international community recognise that the targeting of a minority has been taking place for decades. What we see taking place today is but a culmination of successive attacks targeting the Tamils. It is important that the Government of Australia and the international community recognise the legitimate grievances of the Tamil people and acknowledge the legitimacy of their struggle for self-determination.”

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A 'veteran international aid worker' exposes SL

March 3, 2009 Comments Off on A 'veteran international aid worker' exposes SL

Peter Foster of the Telegraph, UK unveils a communication that he received from a veteran international aid worker, which exposes the true inconsideration of the Sri Lankan government and army towards the Tamil civilians.

“This attitude towards the UN and its humanitarian mission has very serious implications – not just for the suffering displaced people on the ground who need an effective aid-operation – but because it gives the world another reason not to take at face value the ‘good intentions’ of the Sri Lankan government… The fear – fuelled by the repeated attacks on the Sri Lankan media (most recently the Tamil newspaper editor N Vithyatharan), the refusal to tolerate dissent in Sri Lanka and the often chauvinist rhetoric of key figures in the Sri Lankan government, including the army chief Sarath Fonseka – is that the final settlement will be so discriminatory and demanding of subservience from the Tamil minority that it will amount to a piece of ethnic suppression/cleansing in all but name…Not even in Kosovo in 1998 (before NATO came in) were the Serbs so disrespectful of international UN staff as is the Sri Lankan Army.”

“unprecedented humanitarian tragedy” as conflict reaches peak – Caritas

February 26, 2009 § 1 Comment

Aid agency Caritas has warned of unparalleled humanitarian suffering facing 250,000 tamil civilians trapped as Sri Lankan armed forces prepare for a final push to eliminate the Tamil Tigers.

Citing a lack of medical aid and food supplies available to civilians caught in the war zone due to restrictions on convoys carrying essentials, the aid group acknowledged the death of thousands of civilians due to “indiscriminate bombing by both the army and rebels”.

The statement comes amidst renewed appeals by the world wide agency for close to $2.5 million to provide people affected by the conflict with access to shelter, relief supplies, education, livelihoods, water and sanitation, medical and social assistance and counselling.

Human Rights Watch Report

February 22, 2009 Comments Off on Human Rights Watch Report

Sri Lanka: End ‘War’ on Civilians

“This ‘war’ against civilians must stop. Sri Lankan forces are shelling hospitals and so-called safe zones and slaughtering the civilians there.”

James Ross, legal and policy director at Human Rights Watch

Report: War on the Displaced

After 25 years, the armed conflict between the Sri Lankan government and the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) may be nearing its conclusion. But for the quarter of a million civilians trapped or displaced by the fighting, the tragedy has intensified.

In the media today…

February 19, 2009 Comments Off on In the media today…

Radio Netherlands: Interview with Suren Surendiran from British Tamils Forum
Suren Surendiran from British Tamils Forum speaks on the Tamils’ right for self-determination.

The Canberra Times: Time for Sinhalese ‘victors’ to unclench mailed fist
The greatest mistakes are made on the morrow of the greatest victories. Sri Lanka is now approaching a decisive victory in its 26-year battle against Tamil separatism, and it is about to make a very big mistake.

Inner City Press: In Sri Lanka, UN Has Casualty Estimate But Won’t Release, Why No Cease Fire Call Is “Theoretical Question,” Ban’s Office Says
With civilians dying daily in the conflict between the government of Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tiger militia, on Tuesday Inner City Press asked Ban Ki-moon’s spokesperson Michele Montas for the UN’s estimate of civilian deaths, and whether it is higher or lower that the 1200 figure used in the Gaza conflict earlier this year. Ms Montas replied that “we are trying to save people, not count bodies.”

The New York Times: Sri Lankan War Nears End, but Peace Remains Distant
Just north of here, after a string of recent victories, the Sri Lankan military is closing in on separatist rebels in what it calls the climactic battles of the country’s long-running civil war. But in this heavily militarized port city, there are no signs of jubilation.

Reuters: Children suffering the most in conflict – UNICEF
Just nine years old, Thevaki was trapped in the crossfire between government forces and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and barely escaped with her life.

Catholic News Agency: Indian priests call for peace and aid for Sri Lanka
The Association of Diocesan Priests in India has issued a call for peace and solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka who are suffering from the war between government forces and Tamil rebels.

The Guardian, UK: Trapped Sri Lankans ‘dying in makeshift hospital’
Doctors treating refugees injured in intense fighting plead for evacuations and medical aid.

Canadian CBC Radio: Interview with Mrs. Wickrematunge, wife of Lasantha Wickrematunge, recently murdered Editor of Sunder Leader, Sri Lanka.

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