Report proves crimes against humanity

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The Guardian – Stop Sri Lanka’s crimes

The US is the latest country to join the ever-growing list of nations that condemn Sri Lanka for its violations of international humanitarian law, crimes against humanity and related harms in its fight against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

The government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) is complicit in almost all the acts listed in the Rome statute of the international criminal court in its definition of crimes against humanity, according to evidence in a report published by the US state department for Congress on 22 October.

The report highlights deaths due to starvation as a result of the government’s restriction of supplies. It also indicates that the supply of medicines to the injured, disabled and sick was restricted. None were spared.

Satellite images show hospitals being targeted, and there are images which indicate heavy weapon usage, aerial bombing and cluster bombs. Eyewitness accounts outline the targeting of civilian areas and surrendering unarmed combatants being shot in cold blood. Video evidence shows alleged military executions of young naked men.

Who would argue against a damning report? Only Sri Lanka. More

Edmonton Tamil Forum

June 28, 2009 § 1 Comment

Edmonton Tamil Forum is having a whole day event on the Tamil issue.

Starting at 2am Sydney /Melb time on Sunday 28th January and going until 8am Sydney Time Sunday 28th June.
The speakers are:

Ms. Karen Parker, Chief Counsel, Association of Humanitarian Lawyers

Mr. John Argue, Amnesty International Canada, Coordinator for Sri Lanka

Prof. Aparna Sundar, Canadian Academics for Tamil Rights, Ryerson University

Dr. R. Sri Ranjan, Professor, University of Manitoba, President, Canadian Tamil Congress

Dr. R. Lambotharan M.D., President, International Medical Health, Organization (IMHO), Canada

Photos from Canberra Rally 17/04 8000 attend

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Photo taken outside 'The Lodge' in Canberra

Photo taken outside 'The Lodge' in Canberra

Photo taken at Canberra Tamil rally

Photo taken at Canberra Tamil rally

Photo taken outside DFAT in Canberra

Photo taken outside DFAT in Canberra

Media coverage of Tamil rallies in Sydney + Melbourne

April 8, 2009 § 1 Comment

Sydney Morning Herald: CBD blocked by Tamil protest [watch from source]

SBS World News: Tamils protest in Melbourne [watch from source]

ABC Radio Australia: Sri Lankan Tamil’s Melbourne protest

Sydney Morning Herald: Protest closes CBD block in rush hour
SBS Photo Gallery: Tamil protests
NineMSN: Tamils rally in Sydney over rebel deaths
Macquarie National News: Protest causes Sydney CBD peak hour chaos
ABC News: Tamil supporters stage protest in Melbourne CBD
Brisbane Times: Tamils rally in Sydney over rebel deaths



International Tamil Diaspora Conference calls for Independent Tamil State

March 30, 2009 § 1 Comment

World Tamils Forum London Conference - Jesse Jackson

World Tamils Forum London Conference - Participants

45 Tamil dignitaries from 21 countries gathered in London on Wednesday and Thursday to resolve that an immediate ceasefire in Sri Lanka was essential and that humanitarian access to the Vanni should be permitted immediately. The delegates also said that the Eezham Tamils should determine their own destiny and emphasized that the people of the traditional Tamil homeland had not only given their democratic mandate to the homeland concept, but they also have reiterated that mandate at every juncture of their political discourse.

Read full report and World Tamils Forum: London Conference, 26 March 2009 Conference Resolution here.

British Tamils Forum, assisted by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils (APPG-T), hosted an international conference, titled “World Tamils Forum”, on Thursday, 26 March 2009 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in London. Rev Jesse Jackson from the USA was the key-note speaker. The 45 delegates gathered over two days to discuss and draw up a declaration addressing the humanitarian tragedy facing Tamils in Sri Lanka, exposing the Genocidal War, reinforcing the need for a political process and the role that international actors would need to play. The Former Defence Secretary and the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to Sri Lanka Rt. Hon. Des Browne, Former Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer, Labour National Executive Committee (NEC) Member Mr Mike Griffiths, Entertainer and Charity Worker Sir Jimmy Savile, Members of Parliament from the UK and Sri Lanka, Dignitaries and Civil Servants also attended the conference.

Read full British Tamils Forum press release here.

Watch GTV video coverage (in Tamil) here.

Prabaharan Leading the War – Political chief Mr.B.Nadesan to CNN

March 30, 2009 Comments Off on Prabaharan Leading the War – Political chief Mr.B.Nadesan to CNN

Over 1000 Tamils Rally in Melbourne

March 7, 2009 Comments Off on Over 1000 Tamils Rally in Melbourne

SBS TV News covers SL Conflict & Melbourne Rally
7 March 2009 – Over 1000 Tamils rally in Melbourne, Australia


Tamils Merge onto Parliament Steps

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