Batting for Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism

October 4, 2009 Comments Off on Batting for Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism

Sri Lanka Cricket promoting religious discrimination?

“…Over the last few years the ugly head of religious discrimination has started to emerge from the woodworks of the HQ of the SL Cricket Board

…the SL Cricket Board has introduced a wholly irrelevant Buddhist religious ceremony before the departure of the team for any international match. If you look at the SL’s national TV footage of 15 Sept.09 you will find a Buddhist monk conducting a Buddhist ceremony for the team, where the non-Buddhists team-mates were forced to partake. According to the Constitution and the President all are supposed to be equal and no minority exists. Yet this blatant disregard to respect the religious beliefs of non- Buddhists in the team is sheer arrogance and chauvinism on the part of the SL Cricket Board and the Minister in Charge

…This is religious discrimination requiring as much publicity as other atrocities you have given current publicity. You know how Britain treated the South African cricket team in the days of apartheid. Sri Lanka by its own arrogance is now a strong candidate for boycott by the ICC and the English Cricket Board

…At a minimum the ICC and ECB should let the SL Cricket Board know that they are aware of the religious discrimination and the future consequences of such a course of action if persisted by Sri Lanka…I am for secular cricket with no trappings of any religion. On the other hand if one wants to have religion then they can have it on their own the day previous to their departure in their own temples, kovils, mosques and churches. If religious ceremony is a necessity then all religions should be allowed to conduct their short ceremony in public NOT just one religion (Buddhism) at the deliberate neglect of other religions.

…If Sinhala Buddhist chauvinists and fanatics are allowed their way, soon there will only be Buddhists in the SL team and division in the country on religious lines…”
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Cricket, Don't Let Them Trick It!

July 31, 2009 § 1 Comment

The Sri Lankan Government has long tried to portray the Sri Lankan civil war as a Government campaign against terrorism but the truth is that the Sri Lankan Government has carefully engineered the Genocide of Tamils on the island.
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