Links to Christian Council Secretary Mr Shantha Fernando's arrest

April 4, 2009 § 2 Comments

BBC : Human rights activists have called upon the authorities to immediately release Christian Council Secretary Shantha Fernando who was arrested under anti-terrorism laws.

Action by Churches Together International : ACT justice and peace worker in Sri Lanka arrested

In the media today…

February 19, 2009 Comments Off on In the media today…

Radio Netherlands: Interview with Suren Surendiran from British Tamils Forum
Suren Surendiran from British Tamils Forum speaks on the Tamils’ right for self-determination.

The Canberra Times: Time for Sinhalese ‘victors’ to unclench mailed fist
The greatest mistakes are made on the morrow of the greatest victories. Sri Lanka is now approaching a decisive victory in its 26-year battle against Tamil separatism, and it is about to make a very big mistake.

Inner City Press: In Sri Lanka, UN Has Casualty Estimate But Won’t Release, Why No Cease Fire Call Is “Theoretical Question,” Ban’s Office Says
With civilians dying daily in the conflict between the government of Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tiger militia, on Tuesday Inner City Press asked Ban Ki-moon’s spokesperson Michele Montas for the UN’s estimate of civilian deaths, and whether it is higher or lower that the 1200 figure used in the Gaza conflict earlier this year. Ms Montas replied that “we are trying to save people, not count bodies.”

The New York Times: Sri Lankan War Nears End, but Peace Remains Distant
Just north of here, after a string of recent victories, the Sri Lankan military is closing in on separatist rebels in what it calls the climactic battles of the country’s long-running civil war. But in this heavily militarized port city, there are no signs of jubilation.

Reuters: Children suffering the most in conflict – UNICEF
Just nine years old, Thevaki was trapped in the crossfire between government forces and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and barely escaped with her life.

Catholic News Agency: Indian priests call for peace and aid for Sri Lanka
The Association of Diocesan Priests in India has issued a call for peace and solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka who are suffering from the war between government forces and Tamil rebels.

The Guardian, UK: Trapped Sri Lankans ‘dying in makeshift hospital’
Doctors treating refugees injured in intense fighting plead for evacuations and medical aid.

Canadian CBC Radio: Interview with Mrs. Wickrematunge, wife of Lasantha Wickrematunge, recently murdered Editor of Sunder Leader, Sri Lanka.

Archbishop of Melbourne speaks on SL human rights abuses

February 13, 2009 § 1 Comment

Source: The Melbourne Anglican, February 2009 edition, page 12

Archbishop calls for action on reported human rights abuses in Sri Lanka

A DISTURBING escalation of violence in Sri Lanka has gone unreported in Australia, Archbishop Philip Freier said last month.

“Government military forces have been closing in on Tamil strongholds in Sri Lanka’s north. I have received reports from the Vanni region that the area has been coming under heavy bombardment, and that thousands of innocent civilians are being killed, injured or made homeless:’ Dr Freier said.

“If these reports are true, then the Sri Lankan Government is guilty of grave human rights abuses, and should be universally condemned” he said.

“According to BBC reports the Government is not allowing independent journalists into the conflict zone, so that information from both sides cannot be verified.

“I therefore call on the Federal Government and the UN to do whatever is in their power to bring pressure to bear on the Sri Lankan Government to allow Independent observers and journalists access to the conflict zone. If the reports are false, then the Sri Lankan Government has nothing to fear:’ he said.

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