Sydney Protester on Hunger Strike After Fortnight of Inaction by Aussie Gov't

May 4, 2009 § 1 Comment

Three weeks ago, disheartened by the lack of response of the Australian government to try save hundreds of thousands of Tamil civilians being persecuted by the Sri Lankan state, Sutha embarked on a hunger strike.

On the seventh day, the Australian government gave him assurances that they would act and believing those promises would be met he ceased his hunger strike.

On 3 May 2009, after waiting for more than a fortnight and seeing no concrete action by the Australian government, Sutha has recommenced his hunger strike.

As the Australian government continues to keep silent, the Government of Sri Lanka continues to bomb Tamil civilian areas, including hospitals.

Sutha will continue his hunger strike until there is constructive action taken by the Government of Australia.

Read full press release here.

Tamil survivor speaks to Indian media

April 29, 2009 Comments Off on Tamil survivor speaks to Indian media

IBN Live : Lankan Tamil survivor appeals to ‘Mother India’
It is so bad. What they are facing is all killing and abduction. We never lived. We are just existing in that island. We are just waiting for a day when we can live happily. That is what we are fighting for.
Read article here.

Watch video from source here.

More Aussie coverage of Fast Unto Action

April 21, 2009 Comments Off on More Aussie coverage of Fast Unto Action

Indian Link : Aussie Tamils fast in bid to broker peace deal

FRONT PAGE NEWS – click here to view digital edition and go to page 20 – 21

Inner West Courier : Protest against Tamil conflict

If UK and US can be so vocal, why not Australia?

April 19, 2009 Comments Off on If UK and US can be so vocal, why not Australia?

The Press Association : Grave concern over Sri Lanka

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said he was “gravely concerned” about the situation in Sri Lanka and the Government was consulting “urgently” with the United Nations.

AFP: Britain wants swift UN Sri Lanka report
Foreign Secretary David Miliband said Saturday he would ask UN chief Ban Ki-moon’s top aide to report to the Security Council “immediately” on his return from strife-torn Sri Lanka.

Reuters: Britain sends envoy to U.N. over Sri Lanka

Two days ago US called for an immediate ceasefire

US State Department : Call for an End to Hostilities in Sri Lanka

AFP: Sri Lanka has chance to end Tamil conflict: US

UN envoy Vijay Nambiar will not talk about Ceasefire – 17th April 2009 UN

Human Rights Watch release photo diary

April 19, 2009 Comments Off on Human Rights Watch release photo diary

Sri Lanka: Trapped and Under Fire

Human Rights Watch researcher Anna Neistat says both sides in Sri Lanka’s conflict are violating the laws of war. Approximately 100,000 civilians are trapped in a government-declared “no-fire zone” in the northern Vanni region. Tamil Tiger (LTTE) rebels have prevented civilians from leaving a tiny strip of land, while government
forces have repeatedly and indiscriminately shelled the area.

These photos are from a makeshift hospital in Putumattalan that was treating survivors of attacks on April 8 and 9, 2009. Many were women and children who were waiting in a food distribution line in Pokkanai when artillery shells hit.

A gathering of over 450 Tamils are outside PM Rudd's Canberra residence

April 14, 2009 § 4 Comments

The health of three Australian Tamil Youths (Sutha Thanbalasingam, Mathivannan Sinnathurai and Pratheepan Rajathurai ) who are on a Hunger Strike is rapidly deteriorating.

These boys are fasting in hope that the Australian government will use its diplomatic powers to force the Sri Lankan government to adhere to their four demands.

Click here for demands

But Kevin Rudd has kept silent. Why is this? Does he have no concern for the citizens of his country? How long does he plan to ignore the grievances of the Tamil community?

Stephen Smith said he welcomed a 48-hour cessation of hostilities. Why does he welcome something that is not even taking place? Reports from within the conflict zone indicate the government is still continuing its offensive. Even Reuters says the fighting has not stopped.

If the Sri Lankan army moves into the conflict zone tomorrow, then as the UN has warned there will be a bloodbath for the 100 000 civilians there.


AFTA sends an urgent appeal to Prime Minister on fasting Australian Youths

Tamil Australian youth embark on hunger strike

April 11, 2009 § 3 Comments

In the first three months of this year alone, over 3500 Tamil civilians have been killed and over 12,000 Tamil causalities resulted due to the Government of Sri Lanka’s bombing of hospitals and civilian targets both inside and outside its self declared safe zone. There is evidence of the Sri Lankan Army’s use of cluster bombs, white phosphorous and chemical weapons in these attacks. They have also banned medicine, aid and food from entering the conflict zone, effectively using starvation as a weapon of war. These breach international law and are war crimes.

Three young Tamil Australians are to embark on a hunger strike at 5pm on Saturday 11 April 2009 in Sydney.

They have four demands which they want met through the actions of the Government of Australia, which has the ability to use its diplomatic powers to push the Government of Sri Lanka:
1. to enter an immediate ceasefire with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam;
2. to immediately allow food, medicine and aid into the conflict zone;
3. to allow vital services, including medical services into the conflict zone;
4. and the international community to allow the Tamil people, both in the conflict zone and those indefinitely detained in concentration camps in government-held areas, to decide independently where they wish to reside.

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