Press conference: Sydney Marriott Hotel

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE on 25 October 2011

Australian Citizen Files War Crimes Charges Against Sri Lankan President

Australian citizen Arunachalam Jegatheeswaran has instituted proceedings against Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The indictment was filed with the Melbourne Magistrates Court under the Australian criminal code. The Magistrate has issued the charges and a date has been fixed for the hearing of the charges.

Press Conference:
Date: Tuesday 25 October 2011
Time: 10AM
Venue: Dalley Room, Level 2, Marriott Hotel, 36 College St, Sydney
Attending: Arunachalam Jegatheeswaran
Lucien Richter, Lawyer, Robert Stary Lawyers
Sam Pari, Spokesperson, Australian Tamil Congress
Bruce Haigh, former Australian Diplomat

Arunachalam Jegatheeswaran: “I am a living testimony of the massacre that happened to the Tamil people in the final days of the war in Sri Lanka. Mahinda Rajapakse is the Commander in Chief of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. This alleged war criminal is coming to my country, Australia and I want to make sure he is held accountable for the massacre of thousands of Tamils in 2009.”

Sam Pari: “Mahinda Rajapakse is among a small circle of men who have committed the worst crimes in the 20th century: Hitler, Idi Amin, Milosevic, Pol Pot, Al-Bashir. The Australian Tamil Congress has been repeatedly calling for an international independent investigation into war crimes in Sri Lanka. In the absence of ethical leadership by governments, it falls upon courageous civilians to pursue justice for the victims. We applaud these efforts and hope that more such individuals will find the courage to seek the justice they deserve.”

Bruce Haigh: “CHOGM must consider the issue of Sri Lankan war crimes. More importantly however the issue of the ongoing genocide of the Tamil people by the Government of Sri Lanka needs to be considered urgently and CHOGM is the forum in which to do it.”

A week ago, the International Commission of Jurists submitted a dossier of evidence and eye witness testimonies of war crimes committed in Sri Lanka, to the Australian Federal Police. Mahinda Rajapakse is due to arrive in Perth today for the Commonwealth Heads of Governments Meeting.

Media contact:
Mr. Arunachalam Jegatheeswaran – 0405 021 516
Lucien Richter, Lawyer, Robert Stary Lawyers – 03 8622 8200
Dr. Sam Pari, Spokesperson, Australian Tamil Congress – 0433 428 967
Mr. Bruce Haigh, former Australian Diplomat – 0417 037 988

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