Wikileaks reveals Indian govt's cold heart

September 5, 2011 Comments Off on Wikileaks reveals Indian govt's cold heart

The Times of India – West’s criticism of Lankan human rights record concerned India

NEW DELHI: In what might prove to be a political embarrassment for Congress in Tamil Nadu, a Wikileaks cable has revealed that India viewed Western criticism of Sri Lanka’s human rights record with concern as it felt shunning the island nation would drive it towards China.

An Indian official in the external affairs ministry told US diplomats that the West — by shunning a victorious Sri Lanka (after its defeat of the LTTE) over human rights issues — “pushed Sri Lanka into China’s arms”, and opened the region to the influence of both China and Iran.

In the January, 2010, interaction, joint secretary T S Tirumurthi said the elections in Sri Lanka should be welcomed and they would mark a new phase in resolving the Tamil question democratically. India was confident that if the vote is closely divided it would motivate the victor to consider the views of the other camp… More

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