US warns SL over war crimes

March 3, 2011 Comments Off on US warns SL over war crimes

While the true intentions of this message to Sri Lanka from the US will never be known…its atleast keeping the issue of ‘war crimes’ in Sri Lanka alive.

AFP (01/03) – Sri Lanka risks forced war crimes probe: US

BBC (01/03) – US warns Sri Lanka over war probe

GGS Today  (03) – US warns Sri Lanka over war investigation standards

I don’t think you can sweep it under the carpet. If you look at long standing cases like what happened in Serbia and cases like that, eventually people were brought to justice for crimes that were committed. Again, it’s important for the government to deal with these matters, and again, we hope that the government will do so itself and do so in a credible manner, in a manner that is consistent with international standards. So we’ve always received assurances from the government that they would do so. We hope that’s the case.

Click here to read full transcript of Robert O Blake’s interview on Sri Lanka

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