New Wikileaks cables on HR abuses in SL

December 18, 2010 Comments Off on New Wikileaks cables on HR abuses in SL

Tamilnet (17/12) – WikiLeaks: Gotabaya sanctioned extra-judicial killings by Paramilitaries

A WikiLeaks cable, dated 18th May 2007 from US embassy in Colombo, accuses Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse of giving orders to Sri Lanka Army (SLA) commanders in Jaffna not to interfere with Tamil paramilitaries who are “doing “work” that the military cannot do because of international scrutiny. The work referred to in the cable includes extra-judicial killings, extortion, abduction and prostitution by the Tamil paramilitary groups EPDP and Karuna Group. Both groups are led by Ministers in the present ruling Government in Sri Lanka.

BBC (17/12) – Wikileaks cables show Sri Lankan ‘human right abuses’

US diplomatic cables newly released by Wikileaks are sharply critical of both the Sri Lankan government and the now defeated Tamil Tiger rebels.

The cables dating from 2007 suggest that the state colluded in paramilitary activities including killings, child trafficking and organised prostitution. (16/12) – US embassy cables: Sri Lankan government accused of complicity in human rights abuses

Global Post (16/12) – Opinion: Wikileaks and US frustrations in Sri Lanka

With great pomp and amid massive government-sponsored celebrations, President Mahinda Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka just started his second term. In the coming months, he and his many relatives in senior government posts will no doubt trumpet Rajapaksa’s re-election as proof of his popular appeal and democratic credentials.

The Star (17/12) – Canada silent on Sri Lankan war crimes

Why do some conflicts attract more attention than others? Why, for example, did throngs of celebrities hold rallies and concerts to shed light on the atrocities occurring in Darfur, while dozens of other conflicts and human rights violations are ignored by the international community?


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