Fallen Heroes ~ Never Forgotten

November 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

The below post has been sent to us by a reader of TamilJustice.  Jasan’s poem is the 3rd in this poetry series.

Please click here to see his first poem.

Fallen Heroes ~ Never Forgotten

A poem dedicated to all the fallen heroes (Maveerar) who forsaking their own
dreams and carrying in their hearts the dreams of their Motherland reddened the soil
of Tamil Eelam with their supreme sacrifice. For all our tomorrows they gave their
today. We honour their memory.

“The thirst of Tamils is the Free Tamil Eelam”

The Ultimate Sacrifice

None too noble to offer
To the land of our mother’
Than our soul that do suffer
The indignity of the oppressor.

Against strong winds of terror,
Amidst sufferings of extreme horror,
Torch of non-violence we held higher,
Beyond the racists acts of squalor.

Virulent winds of violence,
Turbulent acts of intolerance,
Turned a nation of spiritual peace,
Into an army of honour-bound resistance.

To spill our blood, enemy did choose us.
To kill our breath, destiny did choose us.
To chill our spirit, tyranny did choose us.
To fulfil our goal, our dreams did choose us.

Worth beyond blood, breath and spirit,
Birth of our dreams to be free. No limit
Of sacrifice we impose or thoughts we endure.
Freedom we crave shall dawn-that’s for sure.

Against torrent of abuse and violence,
Against currents of denial and indifference,
Against politics of dishonesty and vengeance,
Fought a nation with death as the ultimate sacrifice.

May the monsoon winds off Vanni,
Be kind to our fallen heroes. As many
Decades to come, may them praise the bonny
Boys and girls who fell to give hope to many.

Jay .A. Jasan



§ One Response to Fallen Heroes ~ Never Forgotten

  • Francis says:

    Tears and Blood of our people Paid a price.
    Lives of our people paid a valuable price.
    Our Boys and Girls paid a most valueable PRICE.
    All these prices would be given back by GOD.

    Surely this poem and ther poems of Jay A. Jasan, wiil inspire our people all over world to raise our voice together in unity. L.A.Francis

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