A note to the Tamil diaspora

November 1, 2010 § 1 Comment

Tamil Canadian – The Delusional Triangle

by Roy Ratnavel

As a society we act like we have infinite tolerance for suffering. But such self-assurance underwent a catastrophic change as a consequence of May 2009 massacre. Dunes of emotions dominate our psyche somewhere between howling anger and stunned silence. We give up understanding. We find ourselves picking through the wreckage of the accident we didn’t see coming. Not even the lapse of time has numbed how truly horrible it was.

Now, there’s a palpable frustration with most Eelam Tamils across the world. As we try to cope with the abrupt end to a venerable freedom struggle while longing for a strong, decisive and inspiring leadership; but unfortunately found ourselves stuck in a delusional triangle. Three sides of this triangle are made-up of: some traitorous Tamils, few dubious Diaspora organizations and the romantic Eelam ideal.

We were so immersed in such delusion and our daily life that we rarely had time to sit quietly to face our darkest fears. We’ll settle for a gentle rage of reflection. And that came to me when I read an editorial recently. Immediately after, at the risk of being accused of spitting into the wind, I wrote a letter as a member of Diaspora Tamil community, while looking to get some clarification on a rather obscure, but troubling editorial appeared on a Colombo website which highlighted that certain Tamil organization is fighting for Fonseka’s release from jail.

My view was, and still is, that as an organization speaking for all political prisoners of Rajapakse regime is one thing — even commendable maybe — but endorsing General Fonseka and declaring such public pronouncement is mind-boggling. One might say this is unbridled absurdity, thinly veiled as thoughtful dialogue — but that would be rude. For those with a taste of cheap irony, the statement of support for Fonseka only managed to upset, both the Rajapakse regime and General Fonseka — seems, you can’t please all the war criminals all the time.


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