Wikileaks has more than 3000 cables from US Embassy in Colombo

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Hindustan Times (30/11) – Wikileaks reaching Lanka; more than 3300 documents from US embassy

Among the new documents leaked by whistle-blowing website, Wikileaks, 3325 cables were from the US Embassy in Colombo to US State Department, it has emerged. Of the 3,325 cables from the Colombo mission, 1,533 were unclassified, 1,680 confidential and 112 marked secret, reports said.

Because you died, we continue to live

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We will remember

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This was published on the Tamil Canadian website on Nov 27th, 2006

They went to the battle field
Never afraid to die
Brave soldiers they were
They did it for you and I

The glory of Thamil Eelam
Was their unwavering single goal
Defending their Motherland
Was in their very soul

Possessed of both integrity and discipline
Absolute mastery of skill and mind
Trained by a Phenomenal, True Leader
A superior class of Freedom Fighters, they are a rare find

They shed their sacred blood
To save us from tears
So that we may live and give our sweat
For Thamil Eelam’s future years

Never flinching if the tide turned
Never faltering, that’s why never spurned
Men and Women of valour they were
Never retreating with their backs turned

They had sworn an oath and lived by that oath
They were not mercenaries, hired to kill
Try as they did the enemy could not break them
Acclaimed as Martyrs they were known, for their unshakable will

They had dreams not selfish whims
They fell, so that we could rise all at once
From slavery to freedom
From depravation to ample abundance

If you are a Thamilan
Worthy of your great race
You would know that they have been
Our only real saving grace

They are the sustaining spirit
Behind every courageous battle
They give us strength and it’s our strength
That will carry us through the freedom struggle

18,743 and counting of our finest Men and Women
Of unmatched bravery and unparalleled courage
Our Best tribute to them is not only to worship their memorials
But keep the torch burning and incessantly carry their message

By their selfless dedication, for justice for their people
They have made the ultimate sacrifice ever
They did not die, but have transcended death
And have found a place in the people’s hearts, as the Greatest Heroes ever

When Freedom is won and Thamil Eelam is proclaimed
When we sit down to think and assess
In the final analysis, it would be said
That the Maveerar were the bulwark, the pillars of our hard fought success

Israel 'key' supplier of arms to SL

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Lanka Business Online and Pakistan Defence – Sri Lanka Navy Gets Fast Attack crafts from Israel

Sri Lanka Navy is acquiring more fast attack craft as its role shifts to protecting the island’s exclusive economic zone following the end of a war, navy commander Vice Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe said.

“We are acquiring six fast attack crafts,” he told a news conference held to announce the navy’s plans to celebrate its 60th anniversary.

“Four crafts have already been delivered and we’re getting the other two in January.”

Samarasinghe told the latest vessels were acquired from Israel and were bigger than previous craft and capable of going further out to sea as the navy focuses on protecting its exclusive economic zone.

Israel has been one of the key suppliers of arms, technology & expertise to Sri Lanka.

Fast attack craft supplied by Israel in the early years of the 30-year ethnic war, which ended in May 2009, helped the navy fight the ‘Sea Tiger’ naval wing of the Tamil separatists and prevent arms smuggling.

“We now need bigger vessels as our focus shifts to protecting the country’s economic wealth in the oceans,” Samarasinghe said.

Elaborate plans to mark the navy’s diamond jubilee on December 09 include a naval exhibition, an international symposium and a sail-past that includes vessels from foreign navies, including the USA, UK, Russia, China, India & Iran.

Samarasinghe said the navy is the first line of defence for the island nation and would increase vigilance of the seas and coastline.

Sri Lanka navy gets attack craft, focus on guarding ocean wealth – LANKA BUSINESS ONLINE

Fallen Heroes ~ Never Forgotten

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The below post has been sent to us by a reader of TamilJustice.  Jasan’s poem is the 3rd in this poetry series.

Please click here to see his first poem.

Fallen Heroes ~ Never Forgotten

A poem dedicated to all the fallen heroes (Maveerar) who forsaking their own
dreams and carrying in their hearts the dreams of their Motherland reddened the soil
of Tamil Eelam with their supreme sacrifice. For all our tomorrows they gave their
today. We honour their memory.

“The thirst of Tamils is the Free Tamil Eelam”

The Ultimate Sacrifice

None too noble to offer
To the land of our mother’
Than our soul that do suffer
The indignity of the oppressor.

Against strong winds of terror,
Amidst sufferings of extreme horror,
Torch of non-violence we held higher,
Beyond the racists acts of squalor.

Virulent winds of violence,
Turbulent acts of intolerance,
Turned a nation of spiritual peace,
Into an army of honour-bound resistance.

To spill our blood, enemy did choose us.
To kill our breath, destiny did choose us.
To chill our spirit, tyranny did choose us.
To fulfil our goal, our dreams did choose us.

Worth beyond blood, breath and spirit,
Birth of our dreams to be free. No limit
Of sacrifice we impose or thoughts we endure.
Freedom we crave shall dawn-that’s for sure.

Against torrent of abuse and violence,
Against currents of denial and indifference,
Against politics of dishonesty and vengeance,
Fought a nation with death as the ultimate sacrifice.

May the monsoon winds off Vanni,
Be kind to our fallen heroes. As many
Decades to come, may them praise the bonny
Boys and girls who fell to give hope to many.

Jay .A. Jasan

Part 2 on photos of alleged war crimes in SL

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(PART 1) AlJazeera – Photos allege Sri Lanka massacre

Another military man lands UN job

November 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

NY Post (21/11) – ‘War criminal’ gets a UN job

A suspected war criminal who allegedly played a key role in the slaughter of 40,000 civilians in Sri Lanka has landed a cushy job at the United Nations — with full diplomatic immunity.

Human-rights groups are outraged that Shavendra Silva, 46, a top ex-military commander, was named Sri Lanka’s deputy permanent UN representative in August, after which he moved to New York.

His arrival came a year after his troops defied international pleas and shelled a no-fire zone packed with women, children and elderly refugees, according to observers.

Silva also stands accused of mowing down a group of separatist political leaders who agreed to surrender and were waving white flags when they were shot.

Lanka wins in Indian Ocean battle

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BBC – Sri Lanka gains from Indo-Chinese supremacy battle

As India and China jostle for influence in the Indian Ocean region, the island nation of Sri Lanka seems to be getting unintended economic benefits.

China has pledged more financial assistance as Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa visited Shanghai Expo exhibition earlier this month.

China is already the biggest lender for the Indian Ocean island. Sri Lanka’s Deputy Minister for Economic Development Lakshman Yapa Abeywardene says that China has, so far, pledged more than $3bn (£1.9bn) for infrastructure development, maintenance and other projects.

“China has been investing in Sri Lanka when many other countries were reluctant to invest during the war,” he tells BBC Sinhala service.

China has finished the first phase of the major sea port of Hambantota on the southern Sri Lankan coast – Mr Rajapaksa’s hometown – and is funding a new airport in the south. Chinese firms are also rebuilding roads in the north.

Many other projects are already in the pipeline, including handling a Special Economic Zone, a 900 megawatt coal-fired power plant and the Colombo-Katunayake expressway, the road connecting the capital with the island’s only international airport.

China is also funding port projects in Chitagong in Bangladesh and in Pakistan and Burma.

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Red Cross kicked out of Jaffna

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AFP (21/11) – Sri Lanka orders Red Cross to quit former war zone

Sri Lanka’s government has ordered the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to close its offices in the island’s former war zone, the Geneva-based humanitarian agency said Sunday.

The government told the ICRC to move out of two northern towns after the defeat of the Tamil Tiger rebels in May last year brought about the end of decades of civil war, spokeswomen Sarasi Wijeratne said.

“The government has asked the ICRC to close the Jaffna and Vavuniya offices and operate only from Colombo,” she told AFP, adding that no reason had been given for the move.

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