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Fresh charges against Fonseka & elections

February 28, 2010 Comments Off on Fresh charges against Fonseka & elections

All articles from 25/02

The Hindu – Fonseka to face more charges

The Sri Lankan government on Thursday made it known that fresh charges would be framed against the defeated opposition common consensus presidential candidate, retired General Sarath Fonseka, in civil courts under the Penal Code and Exchange Control Act in two weeks.

Minister of Export Development and International Trade G.L. Peiris told a news conference here that the former Army Chief would be charged on counts of fraud, condoning fraud, plotting against the government, creating unrest within the Army and keeping army deserters under his protection.

General (retired) Fonseka is in the custody of the military on a number of charges including treason.

The commander-turned-politician was picked up on the night of February 8 after a raid on his election office by a group of military personnel. The raid and the subsequent detention triggered a furore within and outside Sri Lanka.

One of the allegations faced by General Fonseka is that he had favoured the company partly owned by his son-in-law in award of contracts for defence supplies to the Army.

The CID had informed the local courts that when he was the Army Chief, the General had approved of four suspicious tenders to a firm allegedly run by his son-in-law Dhanuna Tilekeratne.

Hindustan Times – More charges against Fonseka

Indian Express – Charges to be framed against Fonseka in civil courts

Business Week – Sri Lanka Says General Fonseka to Face Civilian Court

Reuters – Sri Lanka opposition coalition splits ahead of polls

BBC – General Sarath Fonseka to stand in Sri Lanka election

Washington Post – Detained ex-army chief to contest Sri Lanka vote

PM Gordon Brown meets Tamils in UK

February 26, 2010 Comments Off on PM Gordon Brown meets Tamils in UK

Guardian UK –  Sri Lankan government voices anger as UK MPs address Tamil group

The diplomatic rift between London and Colombo has widened after Gordon Brown and David Miliband met delegates from a new worldwide Tamil union despite “strong protests” from the Sri Lankan government.

Miliband, the foreign secretary, used his address to the inaugural conference of the Global Tamil Forum at the Commons yesterday to urge the Sri Lankan government to embark on a “genuinely inclusive political process”.

He also repeated calls for an investigation into allegations that both the Sri Lankan state and the Tamil Tigers violated international humanitarian law during last year’s fighting. More

Sky News  (24/02)-  Tamils Lobby MPs For Recognition After War

BBC (24/02) – British PM meets Tamil delegates

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown met delegates of the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) conference in London where the British Foreign Secretary David Miliband addressed the gathering.

Delivering the inaugural address of the GTF conference held at the British parliamentary complex on Wednesday the foreign secretary called upon the Sri Lankan government to make constitutional changes aimed at power sharing.

The Sri Lankan government protested against Foreign Secretary Miliband ‘s decision to address the Tamil diaspora gathering describing it as a pro LTTE organisation that poses a ‘direct threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka’. More

Tamilnet (25/02) – GTF launch well attended by British politicians

The Tamilnet article has photos as well

No Blood for Panties – 3rd episode out!

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3 new advisers join the SL Campaign for Peace and Justice

February 26, 2010 Comments Off on 3 new advisers join the SL Campaign for Peace and Justice

Taken from the Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice blog.

Aitzaz Ahsan, Beate Arnestad and  Basil Fernando  have joined the council of Advisers for the Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice.

Click here to read more about each advisor and also to see a list of all the advisors – 3 of whom are Australian – Bruce Haigh, Antony Loewenstein, Jake Lynch.

IMF delays loan to SL

February 26, 2010 Comments Off on IMF delays loan to SL

Reuters – IMF delays third tranche of $2.6 bln Sri Lanka loan

By Shihar Aneez

The International Monetary Fund said on Thursday it is delaying the third tranche of a $2.6 billion loan to Sri Lanka after the government missed its 2009 deficit reduction targets.

IMF officials told a news conference that Sri Lanka’s domestic budget borrowing — consistent with a budget deficit target of 7 percent of gross domestic production — was exceeded by a substantial amount.

“It would be more than 1.5-1.75 percent than the target, but we haven’t seen the final number yet,” said Brian Aitken, the IMF mission head to Sri Lanka. “The third tranche will be delayed and completed when the budget is formulated after the election.”

The central bank had earlier said that the $40 billion economy likely missed 2009 budget deficit goal of 7 percent set by the IMF as a condition for the loan.

The third tranche is worth around $318 million of the remaining loan of around $2 billion and was planned to be approved this month after considering the island nation’s commitment to the IMF targets.

Sri Lanka has not presented its full year budget for this year due to two national elections in the first four months. The parliamentary polls are scheduled on April 8 after President Mahinda Rajapaksa won his re-election on Jan. 26.

“We agreed with the government under these circumstances, it makes sense for us to re-engage in a more comprehensive way following the elections and formation of new cabinet, in the context of a new budget,” Aitken said.

The third tranche review will be completed in May, he said.   More

F*I*N*D – A Journey through past, present and future

February 26, 2010 Comments Off on F*I*N*D – A Journey through past, present and future

F.I.N.D is an opportunity for people to explore and understand the culture of Tamil society from the North-Eeast of Sri Lanka in an interactive and conducive environment. In light of the continued focus on the armed conflict and the tragic humanitarian crisis, the opportunity to grasp and appreciate the fundamentals of Tamil identity and everyday way of life are rare. This event gives us a chance to “touch base” and explore these aspects within a social and historical context.

The event is also an opportunity for people to share their opinions on the situation faced by Tamils in our homeland and actively contribute ideas to shape future events held by TYO in order to raise awareness of the plight of Tamils attempting to re-build their lives amidst the aftermath of the armed conflict.

 28th February 2010  9.30AM – 6.00PM

Sydney Baha’i Center 107 Derby St, Silverwater NSW 2128

Click here to find out how to get there.
If required transport, it will be provided from Lidcombe Station. Please let us know before hand.

Lunch and beverages will be provided.

Contact Details:
Hareeshan: 0411 427 518 or hareeshan91@hotmail.com
Ganan: 0430 051 302 or ganan91@hotmail.com
Kej: 0435 527 201 or  kej.kulane@hotmail.com

Or send an email with your Full Name, Age and Contact details to:
f  i  n  d  .  2  0  1  0  @  h  o  t  m  a  i  l  .  c  o  m

FACEBOOK PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=303776108629&ref=mf

Miliband's full speech at GTF meeting in UK

February 25, 2010 Comments Off on Miliband's full speech at GTF meeting in UK

Foreign and Commonwealth Office – The Future of Sri Lanka

I want to very warmly welcome all of you to the House of Commons if you’ve come from around Britain, and welcome you to Britain, those of you who’ve come from around the world. I think that it is very significant indeed that the Global Tamil Forum should have brought people together from fourteen countries. That in itself is a huge achievement. It is a reflection of the breadth of the Tamil diaspora around the world and I hope it speaks to a unity that will serve the rights and hopes of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

It’s also important to recognise the history that’s associated with Britain’s relationship with Sri Lanka. Father Emmanuel spoke about this. And I hope that not just historians, but Tamils will come to look back on this meeting in this building as being a time and a moment of significance for the future of Sri Lanka.

I also want to recognise on the platform with me here are three Members of Parliament who have played an outstanding role in the British debate about the future of Sri Lanka. Virendra Sharma on my right, Keith Vaz, Siobhain McDonagh have all been stout defenders of the rights of all Sri Lankans and I think it is right not just to recognise the role of Governments, but to recognise the work of parliamentarians and also to recognise the work of community groups. Some of them made by Tamils, but others made by churches, made by other groups of British people who’ve seen the plight in Sri Lanka and wanted to respond to it and I think it’s important to recognise that this is a grass roots movement in Britain, not just a Government led movement.

I also want to say that the foundation of the Global Tamil Forum, the inauguration of its international work, is an important moment for politics and above all politics in Sri Lanka, because there is no substitute for political voice in asserting political rights. Tamils know to their cost the price of violence against them and in their name. We know that the civil war is over, but the civil peace has yet to be built and it is the dedication of this organisation to build a lasting equitable and endurable political civil peace that I think is the test of all of our effort.

I want to commend very, very strongly your decision to, not just to support non violence, but to advocate non violence. I think that history has shown time and again that lasting peace is not found through weapons and through warfare but through politics, however hard it is to persevere with it. We’ve seen this in our own United Kingdom, notably in the state of Northern Ireland, but also in other parts of the world and the road ahead no doubt will be long and hard in some ways that I will describe in a moment. But I think the founding commitment not just to a fully inclusive political process, but to support non violence as the means to achieve it, is something that speaks to the deepest values of the Tamil people and actually, as I will say later, to the deepest values of people everywhere.

Perhaps I should say why I’m here. It’s not just that London is the venue for this important meeting. It’s that the importance of establishing a lasting peace in Sri Lanka matters. It matters because of the deep links that exist between Britain and Sri Lanka, the deep links that exist between British people and Sri Lankans of all kinds, and it’s also that the future of Sri Lanka is important for the future of South Asia more generally. And I think that any Foreign Secretary would want to be here to listen, but also to support about the way ahead. More

SL summons David Miliband over GTF

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Times Online – British High Commissioner summoned over David Miliband’s address to Tamil group

by Jeremy Page

Sri Lanka summoned the acting British High Commissioner in Colombo yesterday to protest over an address by David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, to a meeting of ethnic Tamil activists in the Houses of Parliament.

Rohitha Bogollagama, the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister, told a news conference that the Global Tamil Forum was an “umbrella organisaton” for the Tamil Tiger rebels, who were defeated last year.

He said that Mr Miliband’s presence at the group’s inaugural meeting appeared to indicate his support for its “separatist agenda” and was “inimical to the national interest of Sri Lanka”. More

Story as reported on BBC Tamil service

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