Stop buying Gap and Victoria's Secret

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Stop Genocide

Check the Label for Sri Lanka: Boycott Gap and Victoria’s Secret

AlJazeera looks at Sri Lanka after the war

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Programmes 101 East
Sri Lanka: After the war

Part 1

Part 2

SL Army fires on civilians in camps

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Times Online
Tamils shot by army after attempting to ‘escape’ from internment camp
“The incident is one of the first undisputed examples of the Sri Lankan Army firing on civilians in the camps. It highlights the controversial status of the camps, which the Government calls “welfare villages”, and appears to violate a pledge by the army not to shoot if prisoners tried to escape.

Brigadier S. Perera, who is in charge of the camps in Vavuniya, told reporters during a recent visit that guards would “tackle to the ground” anyone trying to escape instead of firing on them with live rounds.

It was impossible to contact people inside the camps or witnesses in the surrounding area as the Government has banned independent journalists from visiting except under tight supervision by the army.”
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Military fires on Tamil camp rebels

Sri Lankan military officials said troops fired on several displaced Tamils trying to escape from a camp where they have been kept since May.

Police said three of the civilians suffered gunshot wounds in the incident Saturday, the Times of London reported. They are among the nearly 280,000 displaced Tamils kept in the Manik Farm camp in north Sri Lanka’s Vavuniya district since the military defeated the Tamil Tiger rebels in May.

A pro-Tamil Tiger Web site said at least six people were injured in the firing. The report said the victims were collecting firewood and not trying to escape.

The military said the civilians threw stones at the soldiers as they tried to escape.

“The army fired in self defense,” said spokesman Udaya Nanayakkara, adding 19 of the Tamils were arrested.

The continued presence of such a large number of civilians in these camps where facilities are inadequate has raised international concerns and brought criticism against the Sri Lankan government. The government has promised to resettle the civilians by the end of January.

In the news this week…

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Christian Post : Sri Lankan Tamils Dying of Hunger, Say Indian Christians

The Times of India : American human rights activist forced to cancel her trip to Delhi
American physician and human rights activist Ellyn Shander -known for her outspoken views on the alleged atrocities on Sri Lankan
Tamils -was forced to cancel her trip to Delhi when India nixed her visa on the eve of departure. Her visa was valid till July 15, 2014.

Shander, awarded the Bruno Lima award for her work in disaster psychiatry and humanitarianism, was due to address a meet arranged by the Delhi Tamil Students Union on “genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka.”

A letter issued by the Indian consulate in New York on September 10 informed her that her visa was cancelled with immediate effect. Shanders was due to travel on September 11 for India.

Groundviews : Sacrificing essential liberty for temporary safety in Sri Lanka

AFP : UN envoy visits Sri Lanka over war refugees

SL Army shoots at civilians in camps

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TamilNet : SLA shoots 6 including women, children in Cheddiku’lam camp
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) on Saturday around 6:00 p.m. opened fire and injured six civilians including two women and three children in Cheddiku’lam internment camp, according to initial reports reaching from Vavuniyaa. One 8-year-old child, seriously wounded in the episode, was transferred to Anuradhapura hospital from Vavuniyaa hospital, medical sources in Vavuniyaa said.

The unfortunate group of six is said to have gone for collecting firewood in the surroundings of the camp.

World Food Programme (WFP) has stopped supplying cooked meals from 17 September. The inmates are dependent on dry rations (rice, sugar and dahl), but they lack proper facilities to cook the meals.

Civilians inside the camps are forced to get other materials, firewood, salt, tamarind etc., from external sources.

The civilians who tried to cross over the camps to get firewood were shot by the SLA.

Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan military officials in Colombo said the SLA opened fire when civilians who tried to ‘escape’ started to stone the SLA soldiers when they were blocked from leaving the camp. The military officials put the number of wounded civilians at three.

Amnesty Internatioanal : Sri Lankan army clashes with detainees
BBC : ‘Clashes’ in Sri Lankan centre

Report on the prevention of genocide

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Will to halt genocide lacking, panel says
Report urges Canada to build diplomatic corps in ‘fragile’ nations, challenges media

Robert Fowler helps unveil the Will to Intervene report on the prevention of genocide at an Ottawa news conference on Sept. 22, 2009. The Canadian Press

Canada lacks the political will and diplomatic might to prevent future genocidal horrors by intervening early and often, concludes a high-profile panel of foreign policy experts that includes Robert Fowler, the career diplomat who was released this year after being kidnapped by al-Qaeda.

The authors of a 139-page report by the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights insist soft-power measures like diplomatic warnings and cuts to foreign aid can often avoid the need for military intervention.
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World leaders should pressure SL

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Human Rights Watch : Sri Lanka: World Leaders Should Demand End to Detention Camps

Internally displaced people (IDPs) stand near temporary structures in the Arunachalam camp at Manik Farm in northern Sri Lanka on August 19, 2009. © 2009 Reuters

 World leaders in New York for the United Nations General Assembly and the G-20 economic summit in Pittsburgh should call on the Sri Lankan government to immediately release more than 260,000 displaced persons illegally confined in detention camps, Human Rights Watch said today.
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AFP : Rights groups urge Sri Lanka over war refugees

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