1000 people have died in the camps

September 30, 2009 § 1 Comment

Crikey : Sri Lanka and its Manik approach to human rights

Overland editor Jeff Sparrow writes:

In what’s surely one of the more remarkable fact-finding missions in recent years, Sri Lanka’s attorney-general Mohan Peiris is heading to Washington for meetings with the US defence establishment. His goal? Learning to emulate the US’ treatment of captured Islamic militants!

Now, there’s not too many contexts in which anyone would point to Guantanamo Bay and say, gosh, we’d like one of those. Then again, there’s not too many nations that currently keep a quarter of a million people detained indefinitely in camps.

In Sri Lanka, an appalling human rights tragedy continues to play out. After the wake of the military defeat of the Tamil Tigers (an organisation undoubtedly responsible for its own atrocities), 250,000 Tamils have been herded into detention. Here’s how the Guardian describes one such internment facility:

“The camp, say former inhabitants, is packed, with two or three families sharing a tent or tin shack. There are complaints of stinking, overflowing toilets, water shortages and inadequate healthcare. Journalists are rarely given access and those inside Manik Farm are not allowed to cross its fortified perimeter.”

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  • Denzel Kobbakaduwa says:

    It is not clear whethr this article is written by Australians for Tamil Justice or by Jeff Sparrow or whether Jeff Sparrow wrote it in bahlf of ‘Australians for Tamil Justice’. Whatever it is the article looks it lacks any research other than the browsing the propanganda headlines off LTTE sympathizers.

    If the auther thinks that the LTTE is an organisation undoubtedly responsible for its own atrocities, I wonder why we didn’t hear him crying when the LTTe kept these people hostage. No Australians were needed for the justice of Tamils at that time? More than 20 million people in that country suffered for over 30 years (including Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim) in the hands of the LTTE, did this auther cry? Sri Lanka has become one of the most growing economies after the war even in the economic recession; seems it hurts world powers.

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