Media coverage of Tamil rallies in Sydney + Melbourne

April 8, 2009 § 1 Comment

Sydney Morning Herald: CBD blocked by Tamil protest [watch from source]

SBS World News: Tamils protest in Melbourne [watch from source]

ABC Radio Australia: Sri Lankan Tamil’s Melbourne protest

Sydney Morning Herald: Protest closes CBD block in rush hour
SBS Photo Gallery: Tamil protests
NineMSN: Tamils rally in Sydney over rebel deaths
Macquarie National News: Protest causes Sydney CBD peak hour chaos
ABC News: Tamil supporters stage protest in Melbourne CBD
Brisbane Times: Tamils rally in Sydney over rebel deaths



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§ One Response to Media coverage of Tamil rallies in Sydney + Melbourne

  • Rasty says:

    A Conservative Party politician in the United Kingdom, Dr. Rachel Joyce, apologised for the error of Colonial Britain in making a unitary Ceylon out of two nations, the Tamils and the Sinhalese in Srilanka. Unfortunately, many Londoners are suffering with the inconvenience of a peaceful protest by the Tamils for justice and right to live in their own country, Eelam. Understandably, it can be confusing to many locals who do not know the history of Tamils in Srilanka and the past 61 years of suffering. The fact of the matter is the British Government has the overall responsibility to sort out this mess in Srilanka, after all the independence was given to some, but not all Srilankan by British rule in 1948 which resulted with an ill fated constitution and the so called “democratic” oppressive governments.

    Over 300000 British Tamil refugees in the UK are worried about loosing their loved ones on the hands of an oppressive government in Srilanka who is set its sights to kill minority Tamils. This is a fact, as we all experienced during the past 61 years of independence after 200 years of British colonial rule. Over 70,000 Tamils died in the last 61 years. Since Jan 2009, over 3000 civilians were killed and over 15,000 wounded. All the Tamil populations in Srilanka were displaced and over 80 % are kept within camps with barbed wires. Are all Tamils terrorists, or civilians fighting for their right to live in their own country, now conveniently targeted as “terrorist” for their own political gain following the policies of Bush administration of “global war against terrorism”?
    After Hitters extermination of Jewish people in Germany during the 2nd World War, Saddam Hussein killed thousands of Kurds using chemical and conventional bombs and many as 50,000 Kurds died on the hand of Saddam Hussein’s oppressive regime. Now, ICs are waking up to the fact that Srilanka government is using banned chemical weapons to kill Tamils behind closed doors with no media coverage or international monitors present to report this to the world.
    Can you believe this atrocity is taking place in Srilanka right now while we are reading about it or, blame the Tamils looking at the prospects of their loved ones gas to death by Srilankan regime?

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