Tamil Journalist "arrested", attack on free speech continues

February 26, 2009 Comments Off on Tamil Journalist "arrested", attack on free speech continues

Tamil journalist N. Vidyanthan has been arrested by Sri Lankan police, despite quotes in the government run “Daily News” from a Senior Superintendent earlier claiming he had been ‘abducted’ by unidentified persons, the AFP reported.

An Editor-in-Chief of Chudaroli and the Jaffna based Uthayan, Vidyanthan had been the target of several attacks aimed at media outlets critical of the governments war in the North East and its appalling human rights record. He was forcibly arrested while attending the funeral in Colombo of a relative of the group’s chairman. The media minister told the organisation that he was being “treated well” by the police.

He was allegedly detained for 6 hours on Sunday by the Sri Lankan Terrorist Investigation Department (TID) over his reporting of civilian casualties in the war zones as a result of continued attacks by the armed forces.

Three uniformed police officers and three men in plain clothes arrested Vithyatharan at the funeral of a relative of Uthayan press group chairman M. Saravanapavan. The police hit people who tried to intervene to prevent the arrest.

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